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Winter Weather Advisory

A winter weather advisory is currently in effect for much of the east coast, and your safety is our top priority. Here are some suggested steps for keeping your family and home safe in extreme weather conditions. Indoors Maintain heat at 62 degrees minimum (including in the basement) at all times Turn on sink and bath faucets… Continue reading Winter Weather Advisory

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Family Activities to Enjoy in the Winter

Cozy mornings, sledding in the afternoon and hot cocoa by the fireplace at night – make the most of holiday breaks and snow days by spending some quality time with family. Grab yourself a holiday cookie and a cup of tea, and keep reading for a few fun ideas of how you can spend these… Continue reading Family Activities to Enjoy in the Winter

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Easy Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter

As the final days of fall fade away, it’s time to start pulling out your sweaters, perfecting your hot chocolate recipe and getting your home ready for winter. Here are a few tips to prepare your home for the cooler months: Inspect windows Windows with leaks or cracks will quickly let cold air into your… Continue reading Easy Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter