Future Residents

The Essential Rental Timeline

Looking for a new rental home? Exciting! Whether you have transferred to a new location for work, or are looking to be closer to great school districts, these suggestions will help you set a realistic timeline for your search. Know your timeline If you are currently in a Lease Agreement, start by understanding the move-out… Continue reading The Essential Rental Timeline

Future Residents, How To

What to Expect When Renting a Home

Whether you are looking for a rental home with an open floor plan and a pool, or one that’s centrally located to your job, Progress Residential® has the perfect home for you, in the nation’s most desirable communities. Here’s how easy it is to find the home of your dreams, with Progress Residential®. Find Your… Continue reading What to Expect When Renting a Home

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Things to Consider when Renting a Home

There are many benefits to renting a house, including having the space you need and the privacy you desire, all within a community you’re proud to call home. Deciding on the criteria of the home, however, can be a bit trickier. If you haven't yet found your perfect rental home, now's the time - because… Continue reading Things to Consider when Renting a Home

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Easy Ways to Personalize Your Rental Home

One of the best parts about making a house your home is customizing it to your liking! While permanent fixtures and features of the home cannot be altered, you can take advantage of these easy updates. Island Adding a rolling island is an easy and aesthetically pleasing way to gain more food prep and entertaining… Continue reading Easy Ways to Personalize Your Rental Home