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Reasons to Rent a Home, Not an Apartment

Maybe you are moving to a new city, saving up to buy a house, or just love the flexibility of renting. Regardless of the reason, choosing to rent may just be the perfect option for you. Now the question becomes, what type of rental is right for you? A Progress Residential® rental home offers amenities… Continue reading Reasons to Rent a Home, Not an Apartment

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Now Accepting Cash Rent Payments

Looking for another easy way to pay your monthly rent? Let us introduce you to the WIPS program. We now accept cash rent payments through WIPS™ (Walk-in Payment System) at participating locations near you! We at Progress Residential® are always striving to make things like paying rent easier and more convenient for our residents. Below is everything… Continue reading Now Accepting Cash Rent Payments

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The Value of Renter’s Insurance

Having renter's insurance can protect your personal belongings in the event of a disaster. But how much coverage should you have and what does each mean? Here are a few important items to keep in mind when selecting your plan. Protection from theft or fire In addition to paying for any damaged items, your insurance… Continue reading The Value of Renter’s Insurance

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How To Avoid Rental Scams

No one likes being tricked, fooled, or taken advantage of, but when it comes to renting a home, scams are especially damaging. Unfortunately, rental scams are quite common and scammers’ tactics are only becoming more sophisticated and difficult to detect. Victims of rental scams can lose thousands of dollars, their private information, and have to… Continue reading How To Avoid Rental Scams

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Paying rent just got easier with these convenient options

Whether it's taking the kiddos to soccer practice, or trying to prepare for a big meeting, we know that you have a lot on your plate! That's why we aim to make your life a little easier with fast and convenient ways to pay your rent. PAY RENT ONLINE Why fuss with paper checks? Go… Continue reading Paying rent just got easier with these convenient options