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Reasons to Live in (and Love) Charlotte

If you're looking to live in a bustling city where community comes first and there is always something fun to do, consider making your next move to Charlotte, North Carolina. Need a few additional reasons? Check out the list below. Enjoy the Good Life The cost of living is just below the national average, so… Continue reading Reasons to Live in (and Love) Charlotte

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9 Easy Steps to Prepare Your Home for Fall

As the fall foliage starts bloom and daylight savings approaches, it’s time to prepare your home for the cooler weather ahead. Taking these steps prior to winter can save you time and money in long run. Stock up on the essentials Pick up soup, hot chocolate, cold medicine and holiday-scented diffusers to avoid last minute… Continue reading 9 Easy Steps to Prepare Your Home for Fall

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Summer Safety Tips

With all the fun and excitement of summer vacations, it’s easy to forget basic practices that will keep your family safe and healthy. Follow these tips to ensure your summer is problem-free and filled with fun, sunshine and relaxation! Traveling If you plan on traveling over the summer, be sure to prepare your home before… Continue reading Summer Safety Tips

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The Local’s Guide to Arizona

The Grand Canyon state is home is some of the most beautiful and exciting places in the United States, including the red rocks of Sedona, historic Native American preserves and, of course, the Grand Canyon itself! Whether you are an existing resident or just visiting Arizona, here are a few ‘must see’ items to add… Continue reading The Local’s Guide to Arizona

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The Frugal Parent’s Guide to Parenthood

Expecting? Congratulations! Preparing for a baby can seem overwhelming and expensive, but we have put together a list of tips and 'must haves' that won’t break the bank! Diapers Regardless of your due date, purchase a package of diapers or wipes each time you make a run to the store. That way, you will have… Continue reading The Frugal Parent’s Guide to Parenthood

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Staying Safe on Social Media

Social media has become a crux in everyday life – everyone is on it and wants to share everything in their life. The best part of this sharing is being able to stay in touch with family and friends who may live in different parts of the world.The downside to this sharing, though, can be… Continue reading Staying Safe on Social Media

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How to Stay on a Budget and Grow Your Savings

Properly managing your money is an important skill to ensure financial success in your current situation as well as for your future. It is easy to get into the habit of living paycheck to paycheck, or living above your means when you spend more than you actually make. But this can become a thing of… Continue reading How to Stay on a Budget and Grow Your Savings