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How to Decorate the Ultimate Man Cave

When we think man cave, we think about a room that you can escape to and enjoy everything from watching sports games to playing pool. Here are few tips to maximize both comfort and efficiency. Furniture First things first, the room needs comfortable, masculine furniture pieces. For ultimate sports and movie watching, we suggest a… Continue reading How to Decorate the Ultimate Man Cave

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How to Choose the Right Neighborhood

How are the schools? Where’s the nearest grocery store? How long will your commute be? There are several aspects to consider when searching for the right neighborhood, and it often comes down to your own personal priorities. However, we have a few other criteria you should consider before you decide. Fits Your Lifestyle First and… Continue reading How to Choose the Right Neighborhood

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What to Do with Holiday Dinner Leftovers (with recipes)

You’ve enjoyed a delicious and extravagant holiday dinner with family, and now you’re left with pounds of ham, way too much turkey, leftover vegetables, rolls and assorted slices of pie. You’re faced with the question: what do I do with all of this food? We’re glad you asked. Freeze it Freeze vegetables, even if they… Continue reading What to Do with Holiday Dinner Leftovers (with recipes)

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DIY Holiday Gifts Everyone Will Love

Creating a handmade gift is a great way to send your message of love or friendship this holiday season. The friends and family members receiving these gifts will appreciate the hard work and creativity you put into them! Let’s get started – here are 5 DIY gifts that the people in your life, teenagers and… Continue reading DIY Holiday Gifts Everyone Will Love

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4 DIY Stocking Tutorials

Finding the perfect stockings to hang on your mantel can be a costly challenge. We’re sharing 4 DIY stocking tutorials so you can create your own festive and personalized stockings! If you don’t have a mantel, a stocking hanger like this one is the perfect solution. Pom-Poms (for those who love fringe) Materials: ½ yard… Continue reading 4 DIY Stocking Tutorials

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Natural and Holistic DIY Cleaning Recipes

We believe in keeping our homes clean but we also understand the importance of keeping our homes free and clear of the harmful chemicals in cleaning supplies. Many families are switching to natural and holistic cleaning methods, and for good reason. We’re bringing you several DIY, non-toxic cleaning recipes so you can keep your home… Continue reading Natural and Holistic DIY Cleaning Recipes

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Top 8 Holiday Decorating Tips

Thanksgiving has passed and thus, it’s finally socially acceptable to start decorating for the holidays. The transition will include taking down the fall décor, complete with its pumpkins and warm colors, in favor of adorning your front porch with a pine wreath and mixing traditional holiday décor with a few touches of modern design. Here… Continue reading Top 8 Holiday Decorating Tips