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6 Ways to Use Leftover Halloween Candy

If you’re resisting the urge to eat all of the remaining Halloween candy in your home – keep resisting because we’re bringing you 6 of the best ways to utilize those leftover treats. Of course, if you decide that simply eating it all in one go is still the best option, we won’t judge. 1.… Continue reading 6 Ways to Use Leftover Halloween Candy

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5 Unique Pumpkin Carving Tutorials

We’re in the mood to be a little more creative with our pumpkin carvings this year, how about you? Here are 5 tutorials that will help you create unique pumpkins to adorn your front porch. 1. Elephant Materials: Medium pumpkin with a long stem Knife or pumpkin carver Vegetable peeler 7 to 10 toothpicks, snapped… Continue reading 5 Unique Pumpkin Carving Tutorials

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DIY Costume Ideas to Try This Halloween

The holiday of jack-o-lanterns and bags full of candy is upon us! We’re bringing you a few creative DIY costume ideas, including a group option because who doesn’t love a coordinated family costume? Keep reading to see how to make your ensemble in time for Halloween. DIY Costume Ideas: Girl: Paint Brush A unique costume… Continue reading DIY Costume Ideas to Try This Halloween