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DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Everyone in Your Life

Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate love, making it the perfect time to let everyone in your life know how much you love and appreciate them. Keep reading for a few DIY tutorials, allowing you to create thoughtful gifts for your loved ones. For Your Significant Other DIY Wooden Heart Coasters Materials: Wood log… Continue reading DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Everyone in Your Life

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DIY Costume Ideas to Try This Halloween

The holiday of jack-o-lanterns and bags full of candy is upon us! We’re bringing you a few creative DIY costume ideas, including a group option because who doesn’t love a coordinated family costume? Keep reading to see how to make your ensemble in time for Halloween. DIY Costume Ideas: Girl: Paint Brush A unique costume… Continue reading DIY Costume Ideas to Try This Halloween

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9 Easy Steps to Prepare Your Home for Fall

As the fall foliage starts bloom and daylight savings approaches, it’s time to prepare your home for the cooler weather ahead. Taking these steps prior to winter can save you time and money in long run. Stock up on the essentials Pick up soup, hot chocolate, cold medicine and holiday-scented diffusers to avoid last minute… Continue reading 9 Easy Steps to Prepare Your Home for Fall

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DIY Fall Wreath for Under $30

Fall has arrived and that means it's time to add some all-inspired foliage to your home. Boost your curb appeal with this beautiful and cost-effective DIY fall wreath. Let’s take a completed wreath and break it down step-by-step to show you how to make your own! 1. Start with a Grapevine Wreath If you start… Continue reading DIY Fall Wreath for Under $30

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6 DIY Pet Bed Ideas to Try

Does your fur-child need a new place to spend those long summer days? We’re bringing you DIY beds that any pampered pet would love to call their own. These options are easy on the eyes and the wallet. Repurposed A rectangular picnic basket or an old drawer can be made into a snuggly bed for… Continue reading 6 DIY Pet Bed Ideas to Try

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5 DIY Home Decor Projects

Looking for a few affordable and practical do-it-yourself projects for a Saturday afternoon? We’ve got you covered. These five projects are easy-to-follow, cost-effective and will turn your home into rustic, trendy perfection in no time! Basket Side Table A yard sale find into a practical and visually appealing piece of furniture? Yes, please! The best… Continue reading 5 DIY Home Decor Projects

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When living in a home, a well-equipped toolkit is essential for everything from basic home repair to fun weekend DIY projects. But what should be in the included in your kit? The tools you need depend upon your goals. If you plan to build your own furniture, then you’ll want invest in high-quality hand and… Continue reading BUILD THE PERFECT TOOLKIT