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How to Prepare Your Home for Summer

Taking care of these items will help make sure your home performs well for you all summer long.

Clean the fireplace
After a busy winter season of use, your fireplace should get one final deep clean before you close it up for summer.

Check your HVAC unit
You’ve heard us say it many times, but it remains true! The earlier you test your HVAC unit, the sooner can determine if there is a problem. It’s common to notice a slight burning smell the first time you turn on the air conditioning. If the problem persists or you notice a problem, please submit a service request here.

Change your air filters
We recommend changing your filters once a month to improve the air quality in your home and make your HVAC unit more efficient.

Create a pest control routine
Keep indoor and outdoor critters at bay by using a pesticide around the perimeter of your home. An herbicide can prevent bugs and pests from destroying grass, turf and plants outside of your home. Please consult your local home improvement center for products that will work with your type of grass.

If you have pets, please ensure all products are pet-friendly and keep them away from the sprayed areas for 1-2 hours.

Change the direction of ceiling fans
In the summer, fans should run counter-clockwise at higher speeds to get a breeze going. Usually there’s switch on the side of the fan that determines which direction the fan rotates.

Clean the pool filters
If your home has a pool (lucky you!), pay close attention to skimming the surface and cleaning out the filter. Please do not add any chemicals as we will send a trained technician to your home to care for your pool.

Correct your irrigation timer
The summer months mean your lawn needs more water. As such, you’ll want to update the schedule on your irrigation timer to run more frequently and for a little longer.  Also, check that all sprinklers and drip lines are in good working condition.

Consider a landscaper

If weeding and mowing just aren’t your thing, follow these steps to hire a landscaper.

Cleanup the backyard
Now is the time for a little routine cleaning! Wash down the deck or patio, clean outdoor cushions and furniture, and prepare the barbecue for a long season of use.
For more maintenance tips, be sure to check out our resource videos. Our website is filled with information and answers to most common questions. Please visit RENTPROGRESS.COM.

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