If you find yourself reading this article, you’ve probably read that, before you can organize your home, you should declutter it. If not, we recommend taking a couple minutes to read through our tips on getting rid of the unnecessary stuff in your home here.

Once you’ve decluttered, you’ll find that you have more space to utilize. It’s the perfect time to re-organize the things you held on to and maximize even more space, after all, decluttering and organizing go hand-in-hand.

Use containers and organizers
We’re firm believers that all our stuff should have a home, a place to be kept. The things we need and use should be easily accessible and neatly kept. The best way to do that? Containers. Containers don’t just help keep possessions looking neat, but they also help make sure they’re easily found and accessed when needed. Another benefit of using storage bins and containers is that they help prevent us from accumulating too much stuff and outgrowing the container.

Repurpose containers and organizers
There’s a reason there’s an entire store dedicated to containers, because there are a seemingly infinite number of shapes and size of objects we need to store and spaces in which to store them! To help keep this affordable, consider sourcing your containers from a dollar store, goodwill, or the like. You can also repurpose containers and organizers to meet you needs – a silverware container can be used for a bathroom drawer for example.

Make sure everything has a home
By using containers, you should know where you’ll keep things before you bring it home from the store. If you’re buying bulk, consider creating a “staging area” or supply shelf where you keep your excess items so they don’t clutter your common living space.

Label liberally
Labels will help you easily identify what is in each container and help others quickly locate the items they need. Labels are also very useful for children, helping them keep your home organized and things in their proper place.

We’ve collected a variety of organizational tips, tricks, and hacks on our Pinterest page here. Check them out and happy organizing!

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