2020 has definitely thrown us some curves. For many of us, “home” has never been a bigger part of our lives. Instead of home being a place we all return to at the end of the day, it’s now a place many of us rarely leave. We find ourselves working from home, attending school from home, relying on carry-out and streaming platforms for date nights and entertainment, and a lot of us have no idea when this will change.

With all this increased time in the home, it’s more important than ever for your living space to be a comfortable, functional space; a place where you actually enjoy spending time.

But before we dive into this, if you’re currently renting an apartment, now is a great time to consider renting a house. Progress Residential® has plenty of homes that aren’t much more than the cost of an apartment so you can have the added space, privacy, and yard that come with a house, without the down payment and other commitments of home ownership. Find your perfect rental home here.

Okay, the three ways to help improve your living space are maximize, optimize, utilize. We recommend approaching your comfort enhancements in this order…

Maximize your space
Getting the most out of what you have is just a good practice in general. There are two main ways to maximize your space, decluttering and organizing.

  1. Declutter
    Getting rid of clutter and re-organizing your space is an important first step in making your home more comfortable. Not only is decluttering therapeutic and cleansing, it’s functional and allows you to better utilize the space you have. Keep in mind, while getting rid of a few items here or there may not feel you’re making a big difference, the amount of space you’ll free up will surprise you. We’ve put together some great tips for helping you get rid of the unnecessary stuff that eats up your space here.
  2. Organize
    Organizing goes hand-in-hand with decluttering. As you declutter, you’ll find that you have more space to utilize. It’s the perfect time to re-organize the things you held on to and maximize even more space. We’ve also gathered some great tips and resources to help you organize efficiently and get the most out of your space here. Also, check out our Pinterest board on organizational tips.

Optimize your space
Once you’ve maximized the amount of space you have, it’s time to optimize your space to meet you needs. For most of us, our houses must be more multi-functional than ever before. Creating dedicated spaces for work, school, and exercise while maintaining space for dining, sleeping, relaxation, can make your day-to-day routine easier.

You may be able to rearrange and re-purpose existing furniture to create some dedicated areas. For example, if you have a breakfast nook and a dining area, you may be able to convert the breakfast nook into a learning area and shift dining exclusively to the dining room table. If dedicated space is not an option, consider making work, school, and exercise stations as easy to set-up and tear-down as possible and storing those items in an easily accessible place. Asking children to be responsible for their own set-up and tear-down can help reduce the daily grind of this task.

Optimizing the space in your space should also include any outdoor living space. Simple , affordable additions like string lights, chairs, hammocks, side tables, and fans can all help make the backyard a place where you can get escape indoor life and enjoy being outside. Don’t forget mosquito and bug repellents like citronella candles, fly traps, or bug lights to help keep your area a place you want to be.

Utilize your space
You’ve maximized your space. You’ve optimized your space. Now it’s time for the easy part… utilize your space. Just enjoy living in the home! You’ll want to make sure you keep it clean and functional, so establishing and maintaining a regular cleaning routine is important. If cleaning everything at one time is unrealistic, and let’s be honest, it takes forever, try spreading out the cleaning tasks over each week so it’s more manageable.

Again, if you need more space, we probably have a home that will meet your needs. Find your perfect rental home here.

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