A Parent’s Guide to Summer: Activity Ideas for Kids and Teens

While the break from school may fill your children and teens with delight, as a parent, you may be thinking, “Um, how am I going to keep them busy for 2-3 months?” Don’t fret – we’re bringing you six ways to keep your children entertained and happy all summer long.

Get Outdoors
The weather is fantastic – take advantage of it! We suggest taking your children on a hike or bike ride; it will allow them to appreciate nature while also getting some exercise (and expelling some energy). Too hot where you live? No problem, allow them to go for a swim instead – maybe you have a pool as part of your Homeowners Association, perhaps there is a city pool down the street or you may even be lucky enough to one in the backyard of your Progress Residential® rental home! Another activity idea is to go camping as a family. If you live far from a campground, camping in the backyard can be just as fun! Go all out with roasting marshmallows around a fire pit, pitching your tent and snuggling up in sleeping bags.

Get Artsy
Crafts and DIY projects will allow your kids and teens to express their creativity while also creating things to display in your home. Here are a few simple DIY projects for your home that you could work on with your children. You could also allow your kids to create a masterpiece by buying some canvases, watercolors and paintbrushes – who knows, you may have the next Van Gogh in your midst! A less messy version is to simply get some sidewalk chalk and allow them to draw on the patio in the backyard; we’re big fans of creating a hopscotch game.

Get Building
If your child is not really into art but still wants to create, try letting them bring out their inner engineer by building something. Whether it’s Legos on the kitchen table or a fort in the living room, they will be able to dream up and execute their best designs. Residents that live near the sand can take this idea to the beach and allow them to create their best sand castles. You could help inspire them with some photos or videos of designs by professionals. Cardboard is also great for this kind of thing, allowing for your kids to build forts, armor, vehicles, etc. And it’s easy to source boxes from businesses so you don’t have to spend a lot either!

Get Washing
This idea is dual purpose: they will be kept busy and you’ll have a cleaner home and/or car. With the heat of the summer, holding a car wash in your driveway will allow them to cool off (especially if a water fight breaks out with the hose) and you will enjoy a sparkling clean vehicle. You can also recruit them to help with some of the household chores: cleaning the floors, countertops, appliances, bathrooms, etc. Perhaps you can motivate them to help by creating a game out of it or coming up with a reward system.

Get Learning
Just because school has ended doesn’t mean the learning has to stop. We suggest encouraging your kids to learn something new; maybe you join in on the activity and allow for some bonding as well. They could learn to play an instrument, learn how to garden, learn how to sew, learn how to play a sport or learn how to cook – the possibilities are endless! You can pick a new subject or theme each week, whether it is space, ocean life or electricity, and you can center all activities around that subject.

Get Exploring
Plan some outings for you to enjoy with your children. You could visit your local zoo, embark on a mini road trip, go to an aquarium and take advantage of any family-friendly festivals or concerts near you. They may also enjoy a day at the beach, a visit to a museum in the city or a trip to the library to rent books and movies.

We hope this list will help you create a summer your kids won’t forget!

Don’t forget to tag us in your photos on social media @ProgressResidential if you do any of the at-home activities listed above in your Progress Residential® rental home. Share in the comments below what you and your family are planning to do this summer!


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