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5 Signs You’re Ready to Upgrade Your Home

Home is where we create so many memories and it can be difficult to admit that it may be time to move onto a new home. There are several factors to consider, so whether you’re considering moving from an apartment into a house or simply into a larger home for your growing family, here are 5 signs you’re ready to upgrade.

Your Family is Expanding
It could be that you were single when you first moved in and now you’re married, or maybe you only had one child but now you have three. Either way, if your family is growing, you likely are in need more bedrooms and simply more space. A one bedroom apartment may have worked well for you and your significant other, but now it’s time to upgrade to three bedroom and two bathroom home with a fenced backyard for your kids and pets to enjoy.

Your Location or Neighborhood Needs have Changed
While being close to nightlife and restaurants used to be important, now you’re more concerned about being in a top-rated school district for your school-age children. Even if your kids are not yet at that age, it never hurts to plan ahead. Perhaps you want to make sure you’re in a neighborhood that is not only close to great schools, but also has neighboring families that are in a similar stage of life with children or teens around the same age as yours. It’s so important to choose the right neighborhood for your family.

Your Job or Income has Changed
Maybe you’ve received a promotion or two since you moved into your current home and now you can afford a larger home in a better location and community. You may have not needed a home office before but now you think it would be great to have a space that you could dedicate to paying bills, catching up on work or even just for your hobbies.

You Need More Storage Space
Perhaps you didn’t need a garage before but now you need to store a third car for your teenager or all of the bikes, kayaks or other outdoor equipment that your family enjoys. You may have not minded the small closets in your apartment or home when you moved in but now your kids are older and they need room for all of their clothes, shoes and toys. Let’s face it, the bigger your family becomes, the more stuff you have, and you need a place to store it because simply pushing it into the corner is no longer a viable option.

You Need a Bigger, Better Backyard
We think that having enough outdoor space to accommodate your family (pets included) is vital. You may want a large patio or deck so that you can host barbecues in the summer, a grassy fenced backyard so your lab can get out all of his energy or a pool so that your teenagers can invite their friends over for pool parties.


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