Resident Responsibilities

How to Find a Landscaper

Having a rental home means you finally have a yard for relaxing and entertaining. With the help of a professional landscaper, you can keep your yard looking its best and spend more time having fun with friends and family.

Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind while searching for a landscaper in your city.

Determine Your Needs
First, you’ll want to make a list of the landscaping items that will require attention. Include things like weed control, pest control, irrigation, fertilization, mowing, edging, blowing/raking leaves, exterior washing and tree trimming as these are typically considered a resident responsibility. At this point you’ll also want to determine your budget.

Begin Your Search
Sites like Angie’s List and Home Advisor are great places to begin your search. Pay close attention to customer reviews on these sites, as well as Google or Yelp to get an unbiased opinion of their work. Once you have narrowed down your search to 2 or 3 companies, visit their website directly to learn more about their services and pricing, and view their portfolio of work.

For a list of preferred Progress Residential vendors, give us a call at 833.PRG.RESS.

Do Your Due Diligence
While conducting your research, make sure the company is licensed and bonded just in case an accident occurs on your property. Additionally, carefully read through their provided services to be sure everything on your list can be maintained.

Request a Consultation
Typically, a landscaping company will offer a free consultation to walk your yard and fully understand your needs. During this conversation, it’s a good idea to ask about pricing, a service schedule and the products they use. Remember that lawn care is not one size fits all. Depending upon your specific type of grass, the products and maintenance needs can change.

If something breaks, doesn’t work or doesn’t bloom, the landscaper should agree to remove or replace these items within a designated amount of time.

After the Service
Once the service has been completed, if chemicals have been applied, keep pets and children away from the treated areas for 1 – 2 hours. Inspect the work and speak with the company if you have concerns.

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