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Your Step-by-Step Transfer Checklist

Whether you are moving across the country for work or are just looking for more space or different features, our highly-skilled team of experts is here to help you transfer from your current Progress Residential® home into one that better fits your needs.

Contact Our Customer Care Team
Simply give us a call at 833.PRG.RESS (833.774.7377) or let us know in writing that you’d like to transfer – please be sure to inform us at least 15 days before your desired transfer date.

Receive a Resident Transfer Checklist and New Application
A Leasing Manager will send you a Resident Transfer Checklist and a PDF or paper application for your new Progress home.

Find Your New Dream Home
You’ll work with one of our Leasing Specialists to find your new Progress home – this is the most exciting part! We hope you’ll locate your dream home, complete with the right amount of space for you, the perfect backyard, and the additional upgrades and features that just make it feel like “home.”

Fill Out Application For Your New Home
Now that you’ve found “the one,” it’s time to fill out the PDF or paper application the Leasing Manager provided to you. This is the best way for us to ensure we have your updated information before you move into your new home.

Make Sure Your Account is in Good Standing
Before you transfer, we also need to make sure there isn’t a balance on your current ledger. Please note that if you are transferring before the end of your current lease, you will need to pay a transfer fee equal to one month’s rent.

Attend the Transfer Inspection
Next, we’ll schedule a Transfer Inspection, in which one of our technicians will walk you through your home and make note of any blemishes or issues that need to be repaired prior to your move.

Sign Your Transfer Agreement and Pay the Fees
Once your transfer request has been approved, be sure to read through and sign the Transfer Agreement that the Leasing Manager will send to you. Please note that a Transfer Agreement is not required if you are transferring on your current lease’s expiration date. It’s also time to pay the Transfer Fee, which is equal to one month of your current home’s rent, as well as the Lease Admin fee of $125.

Prepare to Move Out
Our team will contact you to schedule a move-out date and time for your current home. You can expect to receive your security deposit within 30 days.

Prepare for Move-In
Now for the final few steps before you can start enjoying your new home!
1. Review and sign your new Lease Agreement and review the upcoming charges. Please note that concessions will not be offered on a mid-lease transfer. However, residents may be eligible for concessions on a end-of-lease transfer.
2. Pay the new Security Deposit and all other applicable fees at least 72 hours before your new move-in date (pet fee, pet rent, pool fee, utility fee, etc.).
3. Pay any balances that were transferred to your new ledger no later than the 1st of the month following your new lease start date.
4. Complete a Move-In Inspection at your new home.

Congratulations on your new Progress home!

Cancellation Policy
Please note that if you cancel your pending transfer, your transfer fee is fully refundable in the form of a credit to your current ledger. If you cancel your transfer 48 hours or more after approval, a $500 cancellation will be charged. If you choose to vacate your current home, all notice requirements listed on your current lease will still apply. And if you do not provide formal notice, the Transfer Request Date will serve as your Notice to Vacate date.

As always, if you have any questions, please give us a call at 833.PRG.RESS (833.774.7377).

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