Future Residents, How To

Top 10 Tips for an Easier Move

You’re moving into a new home – how exciting! We’re hoping to make your transition into a Progress Residential® rental home a little easier with these helpful tips. Keep reading for our top 10 suggestions for a smooth move!

1. Research the cost of boxes, plastic wrap and tape
You can save a significant amount of money if you do a little research and buy bubble wrap on Amazon and packing tape at Wal-Mart, and then take advantage of previously used boxes from UHaul’s Take a Box, Leave a Box program. You can also look at the full moving kits that Home Depot and Lowe’s offer. You may even be able to look on Craigslist or a local neighborhood page to see if someone is simply giving away their old moving boxes and supplies for free.

2. Pack your daily essentials into an easily accessible suitcase or overnight bag
Toiletries, clothes for the next few days, your laptop, toilet paper, hand soap, phone charger – be sure to keep all of your essentials in a place that’s easy to access.

3. Mark the exact contents of each box as well as the room they belong in
Be specific when listing the contents of each box and we also suggest including which room the box belongs in – being specific with your labeling will help your movers (or friends) tremendously.

4. Utilize suitcases, laundry baskets and hampers as boxes
Cut down on your number of boxes you purchase by also packing items into any baskets or suitcases you have. You have to bring them with you anyway, might as well make the most out of it! But don’t forget to still label the exact contents of each – you can put a big piece of duct or shipping tape on the suitcase or basket and list the contents with a sharpie.

5. Wrap your dishes, glasses and other breakables in clothes or blankets
You’ll be able to save on bubble wrap, plus you’ll still be packing your clothes and blankets in the process. However, you must make sure everyone who is helping unpack boxes is aware that the box full of blankets also contains dishes to avoid a disaster.

6. Pack your plates vertically instead of horizontally
By packing your plates vertically, they will be less likely to break. If they are stacked horizontally, too much force on the box may cause the plates to shatter. After wrapping your plates with bubble wrap, or clothes and blankets like mentioned in step 4, place them in the box upright, like records or files in a filing cabinet.

7. Prevent any liquids from leaking by covering them with clear plastic wrap
Take the lids off of your shampoo, lotion, cleaning solutions, etc., place a layer of clear plastic wrap over the hole and put the cap back on. The plastic wrap will help prevent the products from leaking during the move. Plus, if you’re driving or flying a long distance to your new home, this trick will lessen the chance of an explosion of product due to elevation and air pressure changes.

8. Take a photo of how the wires are connected to your electronics
Take a picture of the way your TV, DVD or Blu-Ray player, sound system, speakers, etc. are currently connected so you can have an easy installation in your new home.

9. When disassembling furniture, place all screws and hardware into a plastic sandwich bag
Place any screws and brackets that are needed to reassemble bed frames, dressers, TV mounts, etc. into plastic zipper bags. Simply tape the bag of hardware to the back or side of the piece of furniture with durable shipping tape so that you know which screws go with what.

10. Decide if hiring professional movers is the right choice for you
Some families choose to utilize friends and family to help them move while others hire professional moving companies. We suggest simply making the decision that is best for your family. If you decide to go the professional movers route, check Yelp and compare reviews so you can find the most trustworthy moving company in your area. Take a look at the insurance policies that the moving company offers as well, just in case things are broken in the move.

Looking for more tips? Read our Ultimate Moving Guide for more tips and tricks. And as a new Progress® resident, be sure to check out the helpful posts in the “Current Residents” and “Maintaining your Home” sections on the blog. Congratulations on your new home!

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