How to Stretch Your Paycheck and Save Money

Cutting your expenses and making changes in your everyday spending habits can make a huge difference in how far each paycheck will go. Even if you have a budget and are practicing good saving techniques, it can still be tough to keep track of where your hard-earned money is going each month. Here are our tips and tricks to pinch pennies where you can, allowing you to save more while still reserving money for the fun things each month!

Investigate Bills
Review your monthly bills and investigate where you may be able to save money. Take a look at your cable/satellite bill, internet bill, cell phone bill, etc. For the cable/satellite bill, call them and see if you can negotiate a lower rate. Often the company will cut you a break if you say you cannot afford it and if you mention you are considering canceling your service. See if you can also remove any of the channels that you are paying for but your family doesn’t watch. We also suggest asking the company if there are any bundling deals, maybe for both TV and internet, which can be a way to save some money.

We all see those commercials and ads for deals on cell phone plans; it may be time to look into whether one of those offers will work for you. You can also look into pay as you go cell phone plans, which would allow you to only pay for what you and your family are using, and you will not be locked into a contract.

Clipping coupons from paper ads and newspapers is not the only way anymore. You can easily access coupons on your phone or by simply printing them out. offers free printable coupons for everything from Starbucks K-Cups to paper towels at the grocery store, as well as online coupon codes for your favorite stores, like Macy’s and Old Navy. It’s a game changer.

Buying Generic
When you’re at the grocery or department store, have you ever noticed that the store’s generic brand is always significantly less expensive? Don’t underestimate the amount of money you have save by buying the Kroger brand of tortilla chips or Target’s version of your favorite cleaning solution. Saving a few dollars on your everyday items adds up quickly!

Pack Your Lunches
You can save anywhere from $5-$10 a day if you pack a lunch for work each day. And if your significant other and kids all brought packed lunches too? That’s saving you $20 or more each day! Whether you take advantage of meal prep recipes or simply save leftovers from the previous night’s dinner, bringing packed lunches from home can make a huge difference in the daily expenses of your family.

Selling Items at a Consignment Shop
If you haven’t utilized consignment shops, it’s a great way to sell your or your children’s gently used clothing, furniture, books, toys and other household items. Not only does selling on consignment help to de-clutter items you no longer need or use, but you will also earn money back from the items that sell! That extra source of income could go toward buying new clothes and furniture, or whatever your family may need. It’s a win-win.

Free Activities
Families and couples alike can seek out free activities and events in their cities. Skip the exorbitant costs at the movie theater and opt for a free concert or festival downtown. Visit your local library and rent a few movies or books. Weather permitting, take a walk as a family or go for a swim at a nearby lake or beach – it’s not only free, it also allows for some exercise. Just because you are saving money doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it with free activities!


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