Future Residents, How To

The Ultimate Guide to Moving

Moving to a new home can bring a mix of emotions. If just the thought of packing and moving all of your possessions is giving you stress, we’re here to help. Everyone who has moved to a new home before knows how difficult and tiring it can be. Here are a few tips and pieces of advice that will, hopefully, allow for a smooth and organized move!


  • Start as early as possible! There’s nothing worse than having to finish packing last minute, which will force you to throw remaining items into a box without any kind of caution or organization.
  • Purge and de-clutter all rooms in your home before you start packing! No need to pack and move items that you no longer need or use.


  • Investigate rental truck companies; while U-Haul is often the most popular choice, Ryder, Penske and Budget are also great options and may offer lower rates.
  • To save money on boxes, you can often get previously used boxes for free at U-Haul or find deals on new boxes at Uline or even Wal-Mart.
  • The same goes for packing tape and bubble wrap: you can often find it for a better price at Wal-Mart or Amazon than at the moving company.
  • If you want to avoid moving by yourself or enlisting friends and family members to help, we suggest also checking out hiring professional movers, and comparing prices and reviews on Yelp, U-Haul and Hire a Helper. Plus, professional movers will likely be more efficient and knowledgeable about moving furniture and fragile boxes.


  • As you’re packing, label each box as clearly and with as much detail as possible to prevent confusion and disorganization when unpacking. Of course you should also write “Fragile” or “This Way Up” in big letters on boxes of glass, plates, picture frames or any other delicate items.
  • Make an inventory list or use an app like Moving Van, which will help you catalog your boxes digitally!
  • Make a “first night” box or suitcase with essentials (a few outfits, cosmetics and toiletries, toilet paper) you will need in your new home before you finish unpacking the rest of boxes.
  • You can pack by room or pack by sorting your items into categories (pillows and sheets together, electronics together, all books and movies in one box, etc.) – whatever style you choose, stick to it to maintain consistency and organization.
  • Bring all of your important papers, bills and personal information (birth certificates, social security cards, passports, bank statements, etc.) with you in the car rather than packing it in the moving truck for security reasons.


  • Change your address on all your accounts (especially your bank accounts), as well as with the US Post Office and your local Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Set up all the utilities for your new home before you arrive and schedule the date that services should end at your old home.

Congratulations on your new home! If you still haven’t found the right home, check out available rental homes in your area at RentProgress.com.

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