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DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Everyone in Your Life

Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate love, making it the perfect time to let everyone in your life know how much you love and appreciate them. Keep reading for a few DIY tutorials, allowing you to create thoughtful gifts for your loved ones.

For Your Significant Other
DIY Wooden Heart Coasters
v 1

Wood log pieces (like this or this)
Heart stencil, if desired
Paint in two colors (one for the heart, one for the initials)
Clear Polyurethane Gloss


  1. Apply one coat of the Polyurethane Gloss to a coaster. Once it is dry, it’s time to grab your stencil, if you are not able to freehand a heart, and begin painting.
  2. You can paint a heart in the color of your choosing. After it dries, you can paint on you and your partner’s initials.
  3. Once the paint dries, apply another coat of the gloss to seal your design. Repeat the above steps with each of the coasters. These coasters are fun and useful gifts that you both can enjoy all year long!

Heart Thumbprint Platter
v 2
White serving platter
Glass paint (red or color of your choice for the fingerprints)
Sharpie permanent marker
Foil or wax paper
Wet rag or damp paper towels


  1. Determine how far apart each set of fingerprints will be, based on how many children’s fingerprints you are adding. You can place a tiny dot of paint to plan out where each fingerprint will go.
  2. On a piece of foil or wax paper, place a small amount of paint. Carefully dip your child’s finger in the paint and then make two prints, forming a heart shape, in the planned spot. If you mess up, use a wet rage or a damp paper towel to wipe off the print before it dries.
  3. Repeat with each child’s set of fingerprints. Using the Sharpie, you can write each child’s name, the date or anything else you’d like to include. If your kids are old enough, you could even have them write their own names for an added touch!
  4. On the paint bottle you selected, there should be instructions or letting the paint dry. You can also use the oven method. With the oven method, you should let the project air dry for 1 hour. Place in a cool oven, and then set the temperature to 350 degrees F. Once the oven reaches the temperature, bake for 30 minutes. Turn the oven off and let the glass cool completely in the oven. Wait for 72 hours before using the dish.
  5. Wrap it up and give this thoughtful and sentimental gift to your significant other or even the children’s grandparents! You will love looking back at these fingerprints when the kids are grown and their fingerprints are much larger!

For Your Kids
DIY Conversation Heart Pinatas
v 3
Mini cardboard heart boxes (like these)
Twine or string
Craft glue
Crepe paper folds in the colors of your choice, about 10 ft per heart
Red felt
Letter stencils, if needed
Small scissors


  1. Using the awl, poke a hole at the top of the heart box, where the two sides meet. Cut a piece of twine and thread both ends through the hole. Tie the ends together in a knot on the inside of the heart box, forming a loop on the top of the box.
  2. Cut ¾” wide strips from the bottom of the crepe paper folds, then, with the paper strips still folded, create small cuts to resemble a fringe on each strip.
  3. Fill the box with candy and goodies and then place the lid on top. The glued rows of fringe should keep the box closed, but feel free to glue the box closed if you’d like.
  4. Starting from the bottom of the heart box lid, place a line of glue horizontally, then attach the line of fringe. Repeat this step, layering the rows of fringe, until the entire lid is covered.
  5. You’ll repeat the fringe attaching process until both sides of the heart box and the bottom of the box are all covered.
  6. Next, you’ll create your message with the red felt. You can either freehand the letters or use a letter stencil. You can use the classic sayings that are often found on Conversation hearts like “Be Mine” or “XOXO,” or come up with your own sayings. Glue the letters on the hearts and they’re ready to go.
  7. Hang the hearts in an open area and let the fun begin! Your kids will have a blast cracking open these Valentine’s Day piñatas to reveal the treats inside.

For Your Friends
DIY Bath Bombs
v 4

1 cup Citric Acid
2 cups baking soda
2 Tbsp cornstarch
1 oz shea butter or coconut butter, melted
5-6 drops of essential oil of your choice
1-2 drops of red food coloring, optional
Spray bottle filled with Witch Hazel
Silicone mold in shape of your choice (like this 24-cavity heart mold)


  1. In a mixing bowl, combine the corn starch, citric acid and baking soda. Combine and mix until smooth.
  2. If you’re choosing to add in food coloring, add that in, as well as the shea or coconut butter and the drops of essential oil. Mix the contents well.
  3. Spritz in 2-3 sprays of the Witch Hazel and continue stirring the mixture. Slowly add and mix in more sprays of Witch Hazel until the mixture starts to hold its shape.
  4. Once the mixture is more firm, place it into the cavities of your silicone mold, making sure to compact and fill them tightly.
  5. Allow the bath bombs to dry in the mold for 12 hours. After 12 hours, remove the bath bombs from the mold and allow them to dry for another 24 hours.
  6. Place a couple bath bombs in a Mason jar or bag and give this lovely, pampering gift to friends, co-workers or neighbors.


Happy Valentine’s Day! Please let us know in the comments below if you try any of these DIY gift projects! We’d love to see pictures of the final products.

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