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Reasons to Live in (and Love) Tampa

A city by the Bay with gorgeous beaches, a thriving restaurant scene and nearly 250 days of sunshine – Tampa ranks among the top 100 fastest growing and most prosperous cities in the U.S. Thousands are flocking to this land of sunshine that also boasts a low cost of living. If you’re wondering why, keep reading.

Low Cost of Living
It’s hard to find a place with a cost of living that is lower than the national average that also offers a thriving downtown scene, local events and festivals as well as highly rated schools. Tampa consistently ranks high nationwide for affordability and is also home to thousands of beautifully maintained Progress Residential® rental homes. Click here to see the Progress Residential rental homes that are currently available in the greater Tampa area.

Great Place to Retire
In 2018, Tampa was named the 3rd best city to retire in the U.S. by WalletHub, only surpassed by its Florida neighbor, Orlando and Scottsdale, AZ. Between the affordable cost of living, lack of income tax and the perfect weather, Tampa is a popular spot for those looking to retire.

With nearly 250 days of sunshine annually, it’s hard to complain. Even in the winter, Tampa natives can enjoy beautiful weather that rarely drops below 60 degrees F. While the summer is warm and humid, being able to bask in the sun on one of the area’s white sand beaches more than makes up for it.

Downtown Scene
The Tampa Riverwalk is full of new urban parks, innovative bars and trendy restaurants. Speaking of food, you cannot visit or call Tampa “home” without experiencing the authentic Cuban food, fresh sushi and new American restaurants like Rooster & The Till. Downtown is home to several professional sports arenas, festivals and businesses, while also being surrounded by the beautiful Tampa Bay.

Beaches & Golf Courses
Surrounded by water and a popular vacation destination, it may come as no surprise that the Tampa area is known for its white sand beaches and world-renowned golf courses. Whether you prefer to spend your day laying on the beach or hitting a few golf balls, your weekends will be well-spent as a Tampa local.

Let us know in the comments below if you are a Tampa native or looking to move to this great city by the Bay. Click here to see Progress homes available for rent in Tampa!

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