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How to Create Chore Lists for Your Family

Running a household with a busy schedule can be tough! With a little planning though, you can make chores a fun family activity that keeps your home tidy. Keep reading for a few tips and resources that will help you create a chore list for the whole family.

1. Use colorful, engaging templates
There are plenty of free printable templates available online that you can utilize. When creating your chore lists, you can use different colors or images to break up the types of responsibilities and clearly show which chores are assigned to which member of the family. There are also templates that have tasks listed for you to print out and attach the tasks to Popsicle sticks, which you or your child can then move from a jar of “to be done” chores to a jar of “done” chores. This chart gives you the option to display chores for the whole month and is ideal for older kids or teenagers. Once you’ve decided on your template, be sure to display the chore lists in a visible area: on the fridge, on the bathroom mirror, near the front door, etc.

2. Assign realistic chores
A toddler won’t be able to help with vacuuming, and a teenager can do more than just keeping his or her room tidy. Be sure to assign chores that are appropriate for the age of your child. Here are our suggestions:

Ages 2-3
– Assisting in making the bed
– Putting toys away
– Taking dirty laundry to the laundry basket
– Filling up a pet’s food or water bowl (with supervision)

Ages 4-6
– Getting dressed with minimal help
– Putting toys and clothes away
– Wiping up messes
– Setting and clearing the table
– Brushing teeth twice a day

Ages 7-9
– Sweeping
– Vacuuming
– Folding Laundry
– Taking out the trash
– Raking leaves

Ages 10+
– Washing dishes
– Packing lunches and helping with meal preparation
– Cleaning the bathroom
– Supervising siblings
– Responsible for own hygiene and waking up on time for school

3. Create a reward system
Providing an incentive will help ensure your family members are completing the chores successfully and in a timely manner. Whether it be an allowance, a play date, extra screen time or a fun activity, you can choose to write the reward on the chore chart or simply verbally remind your kids of the reward if they are having trouble completing their chores. Of course, offering a reward at all is optional, but it does seem to work!

Let us know in the comments below if you use any of these tips or suggestions! We’d love to hear your own tips for creating chore lists.

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