The Busy Mom’s Guide to Relaxation

As busy women taking care of kids, work, school, household chores and everything else going on in this busy life, we often fail to take care of ourselves. With these simple tips, you can find that much needed “me time” that will lead to increased happiness and patience.

In-home spa day
Escape to your bathroom for a mini “spa” day. In fact, make it a ritual that one night a week you put the little ones to bed early, pour yourself a tall glass of ice water, slather on a fabulous hair treatment masque and slip into a toasty bath with your favorite magazine. On your Bluetooth speaker, queue up Enya or a Spa Tunes playlist from iTunes or Spotify.

Book a monthly or bi-monthly appointment for a massage, facial, or spa pedicure. If the place you booked offers additional services like the use of the pool, sauna or hot tub, stay awhile and get the most out of your visit.

Download a meditation app like The Mindfulness App or Headspace, and plug in the earphones for some great meditation. You can do this at home or during your break at work. This is a great way to learn new breathing techniques to help cope through any life situation.

Cozy up to a good read
Take a few minutes or hours to read a hilarious Buzzfeed article, your favorite celebrity gossip magazine or that romance novel you’ve been meaning to start. Barnes and Noble has a list of the Top 100 Bestsellers.

Buy a comfy outfit
Let’s be honest. Once we are home for the day, the work outfit comes off, along with the bra, and all you want is all out comfort! Buy yourself some new cozy pajamas or a stylish athleisurewear outfit that makes you feel fab. And don’t forget the fuzzy slippers!

Get away
Get out of the house and meet up with friends over a delicious meal or cup of chai tea. Or, go all out and plan a girls getaway for the weekend! Enjoy moments for yourself that don’t involve the family. It’s okay to allow your family to miss you. You’ll return to them with a renewed sense of energy and overall happiness, all because you decided to put yourself first.

How do you put yourself first? Share in the comments below.

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