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4 DIY Stocking Tutorials

Finding the perfect stockings to hang on your mantel can be a costly challenge. We’re sharing 4 DIY stocking tutorials so you can create your own festive and personalized stockings!

If you don’t have a mantel, a stocking hanger like this one is the perfect solution.

Pom-Poms (for those who love fringe)
stocking 1

½ yard of fabric (striped, polka dot, plaid, etc.)
½ yard of lining
½ yard of pom-pom trim
16” x 4” piece of faux fur or felt for cuff
6” ribbon
Sewing machine
Hot glue gun

1. Print and cut out the pattern, then tape the pieces together. Once assembled, trace the stocking shape onto your fabric. Be sure to fold your fabric in half so that when you cut it, you cut out two pieces instead of one. If your fabric has a “right side” and a “wrong side,” be sure that you are tracing on the “wrong side.”

2. Repeat the above step with the lining, ensuring again that you’re cutting two pieces.

3. Pin the two pieces of fabric together and pin the two pieces of lining together. Sew a ½” inch seam around both, leaving the top of each open.

4. Once stitched, you can cut a few notches around the toe to take away some of the bulk of the stocking. Then turn the stocking right side out and place the lining piece inside of the fabric stocking. Do not turn the lining piece inside out – leave it as-is.

stocking 2

5. Moving onto the cuff and hanger, cut a 4.5”x16” piece for the cuff and a ¾”x6” piece of ribbon for the hanger.

6. Sew the ends of the cuff piece together to create a band/loop and do the same with the ribbon to create the hanger.

7. It’s time to put it all together! To keep the lining and outer stocking fabric in place, pin them together in the inner seam. You will also need to pin your hanger onto the inside of the liner.

stocking 3

8. Turn the cuff inside out and place it inside the stocking with the right side facing in, matching up the seams. Pin the cuff in place along the top of the stocking. Stitch a ½” seam along the top of the stocking to connect all of the pieces. If you prefer, you can first stitch together the fabric, lining and hanger and then sew the cuff on last.

9. Once connected, flip the cuff over so it’s facing right side out at the top of the stocking. Now to connect the pom-pom trip, you can simply hot glue it onto the bottom of the cuff or sew it on if you prefer.

stocking 4

10. To add a personal touch, you can add a name tag to each stocking. We like the idea of using a little slice of birch, as shown in the image below. These stockings are too cute!

 stocking 5

Coffee Bag Burlap (for the coffee lover)
coffee stocking 1
Burlap coffee bag
Freezer Paper
Fabric for lining in the color or pattern of your choice
Sewing machine
Ribbon or lace for embellishment


1. Trace a stocking pattern onto the freezer paper and then iron the sticky side onto your bag. Using the freezer paper as your pattern will allow the bag to stick to it, and so you won’t have to pin your pattern to the coffee bag.

2. When you cut out the stocking, you are cutting out both sides of the bag. Repeat the same steps to create the lining with the fabric you’ve chosen.

3. Put the right sides (printed sides) of the bag together and sew a ½” seam around the stocking, leaving the top open. Cut off any excess fabric and turn the stocking right side out. Repeat this step again for the lining, then place the lining inside the burlap stocking. Sew around the top edge of the coffee bag and lining to connect the two.

4. At this point, you can add any decorative ribbon or lace to the top of your stocking. Pin your ribbon in place and sew it to only the top layer of your stocking. Voila! Any coffee lover will love adorning their mantel with this unique stocking.

coffee stocking 2

Semi-DIY No-Sew Plaid (the easiest of them all)
plaid stocking 1
An affordable plain stocking (like this one or this one from Hobby Lobby)
Plaid fabric of your choosing
Letter to represent first letter of first name (like this one)
Hot glue gun or fabric adhesive


1. Take your affordable stocking and determine how much plaid fabric you’ll need to use by measuring the part of the stocking you want to cover, and then add 3 inches. Cut the plaid fabric accordingly.

2. Using hot glue or a fabric adhesive, begin attaching the plaid fabric to the stocking. On the back of the stocking, cut a small hole for the stocking hanger to poke through.

plaid stocking 2

3. Lastly, glue on your letter monogram. If you’d like to further personalize the stockings, you could paint the monogram letter and add an additional line of ribbon, lace or even pom-poms! The possibilities are endless!

plaid stocking 3

Upcycled Sweater (for the thrifter)
sweater stocking 1
Old sweater, from closet or thrift store
Sewing machine
Craft or wrapping paper to create template
Ribbon, optional


1. Wash the sweater first (especially if it came from a thrift store). Turn it inside out and lay it on a flat surface. Create a pattern out of craft paper and lay it on the sweater.

sweater stocking 2

2. Cut the stocking shape out of the sweater (using part of the sleeve is OK), being sure to cut through both sides of the sweater.

3. Pin the two pieces of the sweater together and then sew a ½” inch seam around the stocking, leaving the top open. Trim any additional fabric around the seam and turn it right side out.

4. Using either ribbon or a leftover piece from the sweater, create a loop for the stocking to hang. Attach by sewing the loop to the interior of the top of the stocking.

5. You can either leave the stocking as-is, or add a letter monogram or an additional ribbon of trim.

sweater stocking 3

Let us know in the comments below if you attempt any of these DIY stocking tutorials! We’d love to see a photo of the finished product.

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