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The Best Places to Hide Holiday Presents

If your kids and special someone are always hunting for their holiday gifts and you feel like you’ve tried everything, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our suggestions of the best places to hide those presents from inquiring eyes! We hope this is the first year that they are unsuccessful!

Your family will never suspect that your empty suitcases are actually housing their gifts! But be sure to leave enough suitcases or duffel bags for holiday traveling.

Underwear Drawer
Your kids would not dare search your underwear drawer! However, if you’re trying to hide your special someone’s gift, We suggest your office at work or perhaps hidden away in the glove compartment of your car.

A Friend or Neighbor’s House
If your family tends to find all gifts you hide in your own home, expand your hiding spots beyond the premises. Ask a friend or neighbor to store the presents in their home.

Mislabeled Boxes in the Attic
Chances are you have some boxes labeled “Halloween Decorations” or “Extra Blankets” stored in your garage or attic. Place your gifts in boxes that match the storage boxes you already have in your home. The attic is hard to access, dusty and often spooky, making it the perfect place to hide the holiday presents. Be sure to place the gifts in a plastic bag to prevent them from getting dusty or dirty. However, if you’re in a cold climate, you may need to opt for a temperature controlled space, perhaps a basement instead of an attic – you wouldn’t want snow and ice to ruin the gifts!

Use Decoy Presents
If your kids and spouse are often successful in finding their hidden presents, you can trick them by placing decoy presents in the hiding spots you know they will check. They will think their gifts are the decoy books and socks and will be even more excited when they open the real presents!
Where have you found to be the best spot to hide holiday presents? Let us know in the comments below!


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