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Gift Ideas for Each Day of Hanukkah

Hanukkah is all about spending time with loved ones and sharing time-honored traditions. Exchanging gifts is simply an added bonus! We’re bringing you gift suggestions for each day of the Hanukkah festivities.

Day One: Tradition
Think a menorah, a dreidel or a Star of David necklace – keep it traditional on the first day of Hanukkah.

Day Two: Games
While you’re spending time with family, make it a game night! Gift your family members with their favorite board games or puzzles.

Day Three: Books
Your kids and spouse alike will appreciate a new book to enjoy on the cozy winter nights. Check out the season’s most popular children’s books to give you some inspiration.

Day Four: Clothing
The holidays are a perfect opportunity to gift your family members with new pieces to add to their winter wardrobe – maybe you know they are in need of a warm coat or new pajamas. Check out this set of matching pajamas for the whole family!

Day Five: DIY or Handmade
On this day, we suggest giving something that is handmade, whether by yourself or another artisan. Check out these DIY project ideas or gift ideas on Etsy. You could also opt for a yummy cookie mix in a jar gift, perfect for giving to friends and neighbors!

Day Six: Dead Sea Products
You can give a gift from the famous Dead Sea, which borders Israel, Jordan and the West Bank. These products will make your home seem like a spa while paying patronage to the Holy Land. Check out the Dead Sea spa products here.

Day Seven: Gift for Family
Plan a fun family activity, whether it’s ice skating or going to a movie together. Check out family activity ideas here and don’t forget to look on Groupon or Living Social for deals!

Day Eight: Favorite Things
Gather up a gift basket of your family member’s favorite things: perhaps candles, candy, jewelry, snacks and a gift card to their favorite restaurant or coffee shop. Grab a basket like this one, fill the bottom with tissue paper and begin layering in the items. Heavy items, like candles, should be placed in first. If jewelry is included, be sure to leave it in the jewelry box for safe keeping. For gift cards, leave them inside of the gift card sleeves so you can write the amount there. Place the candy or yummy snacks on top and voila!


Let us know in the comments below what your favorite Hanukkah family tradition is!


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