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4 Winter Craft Projects for Kids and Teenagers

Perhaps you’re trying to make the most of being stuck inside while a blizzard blows through or maybe you’re simply trying to entertain your kids during their winter break – either way, you’ve come to the right place. Prevent your kids from getting a little stir crazy on these winter days with a few craft projects that you kids will love, whether they are 5 or 15.

Snowman Birdhouse
Empty paper dairy carton (rinsed and dried)
White spray paint
Black foam sheets
Orange foam sheets
Hot Glue
Bird Seed
Utility knife

1. Using the utility knife, start about half way down on the carton and cut out a rectangle on each side. Then paint your carton with the white spray paint until you can no longer see the print on the carton.
carton 1

2. To create the snowman’s hat, take a piece of fleece in the color of your choosing and cut a piece that is about 11”x10”. Make sure the piece fits around the top of the carton. Fold the 11” side up twice to create a brim for the hat. Wrap the fleece around the carton and secure it with hot glue. Cut another piece of fleece, about 10”x1” and then tie it around the top of the hat.
carton 2

3. To create the scarf, cut another piece of fleece, about 2”x20”. Fold the piece into thirds and wrap it around the carton. Secure it to the carton with hot glue.

4. Next, create the eyes and the nose using the foam sheets. Take the black foam sheet and cut two circles for the eyes as well as a few more circles for the mouth. Then take the orange sheet and cut a triangle the nose. Glue the eyes, nose and mouth to the carton when you’re ready.
carton 3

5. Hang your snowman from a tree in your yard, fill the bottom with bird seed and watch as the birds flock to it!

No-Sew Felt Tree Garland
Acrylic felt in various colors
Hot glue
Tree template

1. Print the tree template. With your chosen color of felt, fold it in half so that you can cut two of the same tree at the same time. Glue the two trees together using the hot glue. If you’d like to add a trunk, place a small square of brown felt in between the two tree shapes.
tree 1
2. Continue to cut out tree shapes in various colors, and if you want to take it a step further, you can cut strips of colors to create a striped tree or add polka dots or a star to your tree. Get creative!

3. Once you’ve cut out all of your trees, cut a piece of string that will allow for 6 inches in between each tree. Separate the layers of each tree and add glue to the top tip of the tree to adhere it to the string.

4. Hang it on your mantel, along the staircase or even along the window sill in a bedroom. Voila!
tree 3

Burlap Candleholders
Store-bought stencil
Glass hurricane candleholders
Acrylic paint and sponge pouncer or spray paint
Exacto knife
Sewing machine and brown thread

1. Cut a piece of burlap about 1” taller and 2” wider than your candleholder. Tape your chosen stencil to the piece of burlap to secure it.

2. Use a bit of paint and a sponge, or spray paint, to fill in the stencil. Let the paint dry a little and then remove the stencil.
candle 1
3. Wrap the burlap around the candle holder with the paint facing in toward the holder and pin it in place. Sew down that line using brown thread to match the burlap.
candle 2
4. Turn the burlap right side out and slip it onto the candle holder. Trim any excess burlap off the top. These candle holders add a bit of rustic charm to an otherwise plain glass hurricane and can be removed whenever you wish!

DIY Wooden Tassel Bracelet
Clear stretchy jewelry cord
¼ inch wooden beads
Embroidery floss or thread used to make friendship bracelets
Jump ring
Jewelry pliers

1. Wrap the stretchy cord around your wrist to measure how much you’ll need. Add an extra 6 inches of cord to the end to allow you to tie and finish the bracelet off.

2. Now that you have the proper length, begin stringing your beads. Continue stringing until you have enough to cover your wrist, again leaving enough to tie and finish the bracelet.

3. Grab your embroidery thread and cut it down the center. Keep one of the halves plus one extra strand from the other half.
bracelet 1

4. Remove the paper covering and unfold your floss. Open the jump ring using your pliers. Slide all of the floss through the jump ring until you get to the center of the floss, then close the ring using your pliers.
bracelet 2
5. Grab the single strand of string you set aside earlier and wrap it around the top of the tassel, allowing enough string to tie a knot. Once you’ve tied the knot, trim the excess strings.

6. Take your cord of beads and thread it through the top of the tassel. Then take the ends of the bracelet and tie a double knot to secure it.
bracelet 3
7. To finish the bracelet, trim your tassel in half – you can keep it as long or as short as you’d like. You can make a few more with different colored tassels to layer the bracelets; you could create one with a white tassel, one with a red tassel and one with a green tassel for the holidays!
bracelet 4

Let us know in the comments below if you try any of these projects!

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