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Top 8 Holiday Decorating Tips

Updated December 3, 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As the season shifts to winter, it’s the perfect time to put away fall decor, complete with pumpkins and warm colors, in favor of earthy greens with bright pops of color for the holidays. In fact, when it comes to decorating for the holidays we love mixing traditional holiday décor with a few touches of modern design. Here are our top tips to make sure both the interior and exterior of your home are festive and full of cheer for all holiday celebrations!

1. Choose your color palette first
Decorating with a few set colors will help you to keep your décor consistent throughout your home. We suggest starting with white and then adding colors from there. Are you a traditional blue and silver or red and green type of person? Maybe you’d prefer to add pops of rose gold and pink? Do you go for a coastal theme with green and light blue hues? Choose a color palette that fits your personality and matches your existing home décor.

2. Layer textures and sizes
Adding layers of texture and items of varying sizes creates some visual interest to your holiday display. For example, instead of just using one type of garland, layer a few different types of greenery – maybe a garland of pine as well as a garland of olive leaf and myrtle. On your dining table, use varying candlestick heights. If you have a tree, choose ornaments of various sizes, textures, and shapes. Mixing in a few cozy textures can create subtle décor accents, as well, with holiday blankets, throw pillows, towels, and rugs.  

3. Add seasonal scents
The obvious solution would be light some holiday candles; however you can also add natural holiday scents throughout your home. If you decorate with a tree, go with a real tree this year. You could also use a live evergreen wreath, add sticks of cinnamon to your garland, pick up a bundle of cinnamon pine cones, or heat up a pot of DIY holiday potpourri using cranberries and orange slices. We’ll also admit there’s nothing like the smell of hot cocoa and holiday cookies to make you feel at home. 

4. Festive accents
You can elevate your holiday decorating by focusing on the small details throughout your home. For example, instead of simply placing a small tree beside your fireplace, perhaps you put it in a wooden sled beside wrapped presents. Don’t be afraid to have fun with “traditional” decorations like ornaments, either. Pick some of your favorite to line your window sills for an unexpected pop of cheer.

5. Mix in traditional elements
Regardless of the color palette and décor style you are utilizing, the traditional holiday décor elements are classic for a reason. Don’t forget about the old standbys, but maybe use them in more modern ways. Place a few poinsettias on the staircase and hang stockings on the fireplace, but maybe switch up the stockings to feature a modern pattern. We love these stocking options: a cable knit option and one with pom-poms. A menorah and Star of David are a must for celebrating Hanukkah. This year, try mixing in a modern twist on classic favorites like this gold tone menorah and geometric Star of David.

1. Dress up the front porch
Regardless of whether you have a wrap-around front porch or just a small front step, it’s the perfect place to add some holiday spirit. Wrap ribbons on the bannisters, put festive pillows on your rocking chairs, line your windows with garland or add a potted tree on each side of the front door. Focusing on your front porch will do wonders for your overall curb appeal! As far as wreath ideas, check out this traditional option, this modern option or this DIY option.

2. Light up your yard
When it comes to decorating for the holidays, adding lights is a given but we suggest doing so in a sophisticated, classy way. You can light up your front walkway, wrap the bushes and trees or even line the top of your fence in the backyard. If you have a large tree in your front yard, use an extension cord and start from the bottom as you wrap the trunk with a strand of lights and then wrap each of the major branches. If you use more than one strand of lights, be sure to check on the box to see how many strands you can connect together safely. For the bushes, use a net of lights for easy decorating.

You can also opt for solar or LED lights. LED lights are more energy-efficient, better for the environment, last longer and are safer than halogen bulbs. While LED lights can be more expensive, trust us, it’s worth it. And if you want to take it a step further, you can invest in solar lights, which charge in the sunlight during the day and shine bright at night. No more overwhelming your outlets with strands and strands of lights.

3. Bring the indoors outdoors
If you have a screened patio, place another fully decorated tree there to bring some holiday cheer to your outdoor space. Create a hot cocoa station on your front porch or back patio – perfect for snuggling up on the chilly winter nights and admiring your outdoor lights.

What is your best holiday decorating tip? Let us know in the comments below. Happy Holidays!

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