Family Activities to Enjoy in the Winter

Cozy mornings, ice skating in the afternoon and hot cocoa by the fireplace at night – make the most of holiday breaks, snow days, or just a typical winter day by spending some quality time with family. Grab yourself a delicious cookie and a cup of tea, and keep reading for a few fun ideas of how you can spend chilly winter days.

Enjoy Nature
Depending on your climate, go for a walk around the neighborhood or spend time at a nearby. You can collect pine cones or admire the birds that are settling in for the winter season. If you’re dealing with snow, you can make snow angels, start a snowball fight or go sledding! The best part is when you get home, all of you can warm up with delicious cups of hot chocolate.

Winter Sports
Strap on some ice skates and head for an ice skating rink. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, you and your family will love taking part in this festive holiday activity.

You could also take to the slopes. If you’ve never been, opt for a group ski or snowboard lesson. It’s never too late to learn!

Admiring Holiday Lights
It is the perfect time of year to drive around your town to check out all the holiday lights. Doing a little research before is always a good idea. Visit the Christmas Light Finder website to find out where the best light displays are near you.

Indoor Fun
Consider going to a bowling alley, an arcade or a family entertainment center if you’re looking for an indoor activity you can enjoy together. For a more cost effective option, stay home and have a board game or movie night. Make some popcorn and break out your favorite board games or family friendly movies.

Cultural Activities
If taking in some culture is more your style, opt to take your family to nearby museum or to a theater to enjoy a play or concert. While a children’s museum may seem like the obvious choice, you may be able to broaden your kids’ horizons with an art or science museum, depending on their age. This time of year, theaters will often offer family friendly performances; you may even be able to catch the famous Nutcracker ballet or a festive holiday concert.

The holidays wouldn’t be complete without homemade cookies and desserts! You can take this opportunity to allow your kids to help in the kitchen and bake some yummy treats. If you don’t already have your favorite kid-friendly dessert recipes, check out this Christmas Light Sugar Cookies recipe, Reindeer Rice Krispies recipe and this Holiday Candy Cupcakes recipe.

Working on DIY crafts with your family is a great way to allow your kids to express their creativity! While Pinterest is a haven for this sort of thing, we also have 5 DIY projects that are perfect for you to work on with your kids and would make great holiday gifts for friends and family.

What is your favorite family activity to do in the winter? Let us know in the comments below!

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