Future Residents, How To

The Value of Pre-Leasing a Home

You want a rental home that has it all – a great location, nice neighborhood, gourmet kitchen, spacious bedrooms and a beautiful backyard. You also want to be the first to take advantage of a great deal.

With Progress Residential®, you’ll get preferred access to view and pre-lease your dream rental home before anyone else can do so.

How it Works

Certain homes on our website will be identified as “Coming Soon”. These homes are currently occupied, but will typically be ready within 30 days, and you may apply online for these homes.

Once the home is ready, a member of our Leasing team will notify you by email and telephone. You will have twenty-four hours from the time of our notification to visit the home and decide if you would like to move forward. If you wish to move forward, your Leasing Specialist will help you complete an online application and answer questions along the way.

If you decide the home isn’t quite right for you, let us know so we can help you find others that fit your needs. Additionally, your holding fee will be refunded within 30 days, depending on method of payment and financial institution. Please note that you must view the home within the twenty-four hour viewing period. If we haven’t heard from after this period, your Lease Application will be canceled and your holding fee will be non-refundable.

Ready to find your dream? Visit us at https://rentprogress.com.

6 thoughts on “The Value of Pre-Leasing a Home”

    1. Hi, Lauren. Thank you for your interest in Progress Residential! If you wish to move in June, we suggest beginning your search 30 days out. This will give you plenty of time to search for and view potential homes, and go through the application process.


  1. My lease in my apartment won’t be up until September & when it’s up, I want a house to rent with 3-4 bedrooms & 2-3 baths. I want to stay under $1500 a month & i’m willing to relocate from Marietta as long as I’m still 30 minutes from Atlanta. I work in Roswell, so closer to there is ideal.


    1. Hi, Kat. Thank you for your interest in Progress Residential! We definitely have homes that fit your rental criteria and will connect you with a member of our Leasing Team.


    1. Hello, Monique. Great! Thank you for your interest in renting with Progress Residential. Feel free to visit our website https://rentprogress.com/ and search your desired area to see the homes that are available. If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 833.PRG.RESS or 833.774.7377. Thank you!


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