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9 Essentials for Tailgating

Comradery with your fellow fans means celebrating when your team scores, encouraging each other when they’ve lost the lead and tailgating before the game with plates full of delicious food. We have compiled a list of the must-have items for any tailgater.

Party King Grill
This grill is a tailgater’s dream! It attaches to your car’s tow hitch for easy transportation and folds up easily when it’s not being used. While it is on the pricier side, it’s worth it. Plus, you’ll be the envy of everyone around you.

Barbecuing Tools
No barbecuer should leave home without his or her tools. This grilling tool kit has everything you’ll need and fits into a portable carrying case.

Folding Chair Bench
The days of toting around 6 separate folding chairs are behind you. This six-person folding bench can accommodate you and your friends while you’re enjoying some pre-game snacks and drinks.

Chair with Cooler
If the bench mentioned above isn’t enough (or too much) seating, you should absolutely invest in this folding chair that not only has a side table and storage, but also a built-in cooler. It was essentially made for tailgating.

Hand Warmers
Those cold game days will be made a little better with these trusty hand warmers.

Pop-Up Tent
Make sure you have a tent to protect you (and your food) from the rain, snow or smoldering sun (depending on your region). It’s tailgating 101.

If you aren’t familiar with YETI, the company is mostly known for their high-quality cups and tumblers that keep liquids cold or hot for a crazy long time. For an ice chest that will keep your food and beverages extra cold, not only during tailgating but also during the game, look no further.

Don’t forget about the tunes! This Bose Bluetooth speaker will allow you to play your favorite tailgating playlist from your phone.

Whether it’s cornhole or another simple, group-friendly game, it’s never a bad idea to have some entertainment while you’re waiting for the big game to begin. And good news, you can get cornhole bean bags with your favorite NFL team’s logo.


And if you need some recipe inspiration, check out these tailgating recipes that are sure to impress. Let us know in the comments below who your favorite team is!


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