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6 Ways to Use Leftover Halloween Candy

If you’re resisting the urge to eat all of the remaining Halloween candy in your home – keep resisting because we’re bringing you 6 of the best ways to utilize those leftover treats. Of course, if you decide that simply eating it all in one go is still the best option, we won’t judge.

1. Freeze It
To help preserve the candy’s freshness, throw it in the freezer for a future use: ice cream topping, cookie mix and milkshakes. You’ll be glad you saved it when you’re enjoying Kit-Kat brownies in a few months and a Snickers milkshake next summer.

2. Thanksgiving Treats
Save all that yummy candy for the next holiday: Thanksgiving. If you’re hosting, simply place that delicious candy corn or wrapped candy into small bowls for your dinner table or snack table. If you’re attending dinner elsewhere, just bring it along to share with the other guests.

3. DIY Trail Mix
Depending on the types of candy you have left, chances are you could create an awesome DIY trail mix. Unwrap all your M&Ms and small pieces of chocolate and mix them into a big bowl with nuts, pretzels and dried fruit – voila!

4. Coffee
If you’re a fan of Mocha coffee beverages, saving your chocolate bars will help you create your own mochas at home. Place the chocolate at the bottom of the mug, add the hot coffee (thereby melting the chocolate), add a little milk or cream and enjoy!

5. Holiday Décor
Luckily, Halloween is just the beginning of the holiday season. You can make the most of your Halloween candy when creating décor for the upcoming winter holidays. Fill your DIY ornaments with a few pieces of candy for a sweet surprise later, or use the candy to adorn your gingerbread house. You could even create a candy corn wreath for next Halloween! The possibilities are endless.

6. Donate and Give to Others
You could bring the leftover candy and treats to your office to share with your co-workers. However, you may receive backlash from those who were trying to escape the leftover candy at their own homes – oops! There are also great organizations that would love to share your treats with others, like Operation Shoebox where you could send a package to soldiers nationwide and overseas.


Let us know in the comments below how you end up reusing your leftover Halloween candy!


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