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Six Tips for Victims of Fraud

Progress Residential® is serious about preventing rental housing fraud. We also understand that despite prevention, fraud still occurs and the aftermath can be devastating for its victims. To help empower victims responding to the aftermath of fraud, we recommend the following next steps and resources:

  1. Contact local authorities to file a police report. Working with local law enforcement agencies helps put a stop to rental housing fraud.
  2. For state victim rights, victims can check with their state Attorney General, whose contact information is available at naag.org.
  3. Contact the Social Security Administration
    1. Social Security Administration Fraud Hotline
      (800) 269-0271
      (866) 501-2101 (TTY)
      PO. Box 17785
      Baltimore, MD 21235
  4. Contact the Internal Revenue Service to prevent fraudulent tax returns
  5. Notify your bank and all credit bureaus to prevent further fraudulent activity
    Credit Reporting Contact information here:

    1. EQUIFAX
      (800) 685-1111
      (888) 397-3742
      (800) 916-8800
  6. Click here for helpful tips on recognizing scams

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