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DIY Costume Ideas to Try This Halloween

The holiday of jack-o-lanterns and bags full of candy is upon us! We’re bringing you a few creative DIY costume ideas, including a group option because who doesn’t love a coordinated family costume? Keep reading to see how to make your ensemble in time for Halloween.

DIY Costume Ideas:

Paint Brush

A unique costume where all you need is a solid colored top and matching pants, and a few items you can find around the house or purchase from a nearby craft store or dollar store!

  1. Choose a black shirt and black pants, or whatever color you prefer, and then gather the following items: two poster boards, spray paint, two brooms, a Styrofoam disc and some paint colors to add to the palette.
  2. To create the brush, hot glue the bristles from the broom (in large sections to save time) into the Styrofoam disc. Cut a band of the posterboard to create the band of the brush, spray paint it, and glue it around the Styrofoam disc. Cut the paint palette shape out of the poster board, add a few paint splotches and your little artist is ready to go!


This is a simple (and so adorable) costume idea for the little man in your life!

  1. For the outfit, gather a flannel shirt, jeans, suspenders, a beanie and boots. To create the beard, you’ll need fleece fabric and 1/8 inch wide elastic. Check out the step-by-step beard tutorial here.
  2. Then, for the axe, simply grab some cardboard, a hot glue gun, gray or silver spray paint and a broom stick (or other sturdy stick). You’ll simply be cutting the cardboard into the shape of the blade, painting it, and gluing it onto the stick. For extra support, you can add a string or leather cording as shown above.

And the award for cutest lumberjack goes to..!


If you love playing the game Operation, this DIY costume idea is the one for you! Plus, it’s incredibly easy to create so it’s a win-win!

  1. Start with a solid-colored sweatshirt and sweatpants. Depending on your climate, of course, you could opt for a t-shirt and shorts instead of sweats. Wal-mart is a great place to find affordable, solid-colored clothing. You will also need a red nose, which you can either purchase from your local Halloween store or create your own using a thin elastic band and a small red ball that you could find at a nearby drugstore or dollar store.
  2. To create the various body parts, gather some red and white construction paper. You could simply free-hand draw each piece on the white paper and then simply glue it onto the red paper. If you’d rather trace the shapes than free-hand them, doing a simple Google search will yield plenty of examples of the Operation pieces that you can print and trace. As you can see in the image above, you will then need to cut the red paper into various shapes to fit the white piece appropriately.
  3. If you are willing, you can hot glue each piece onto your costume in the appropriate place. If you’d rather not glue the piece to your clothes, you can opt for fashion tape or a more temporary solution. Lastly, use a Sharpie to label your body parts, or skip this step if you’d prefer to not write on your clothing. Voila! Now, be aware that your friends may try playing Operation on you. You’ve been warned.

Family or Group
Cop and Robbers
cop and robbers

How cute is that little policeman? This easy-to-create cop and robbers family or group costume will be a crowd pleaser!

  1. For each robber costume, you’ll need a beanie, a striped t-shirt with thick stripes (or sweatshirt, depending on climate), black pants, black shoes and a canvas bag for your loot. You can find a pack of three canvas bags for under $15 at Michaels. You can either paint or use a sharpie to add the large $ sign.
  2. For the policeman (or policewoman), you’ll need black pants, black shoes, a blue button-down shirt, a black tie and a black hat. You’ll likely need to visit the Halloween store or a toy store to find the police badges and toy gun. You can either glue or simply pin a badge to the blue shirt and another badge to the hat to complete the costume!


We hope your Halloween is full of trick-or-treating with friends and family and that you’re able to enjoy plenty of candy. Happy Halloween!


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