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Studying Tips and Strategies for Students

School is back in session and it’s time to hit the books and ace those classes! These proven study tips will help you (or your kids) get back on track and stay motivated to start the school year off strong.

1. Choose the optimal time and place
While someone may study best in the morning, others work better at night – study at the time of day that is best for you! You should also choose your ideal studying space that will help you focus and stay motivated, whether it is the library, your desk at home or a coffee shop.

2. Be consistent
It’s proven that if you study a little each day, you’ll be able to continue building upon the information you’ve already gathered and avoid last-minute cramming. While it will require cutting back on hobbies and social activities, make sure to carve out enough time to study consistently each day, especially if you have a test coming up.

3. Cater to your learning style
We all have different learning styles, so it’s best to study in the way that you learn best. Auditory learners may benefit from repeating information aloud or recording key facts to play them back again. Students who are visual learners may benefit from using colors, graphs and converting ideas into images. Kinesthetic learners will gain information best by role-playing or using hands-on methods.
If you’d like to find your learning style, try taking this quiz.

4. Plans and applications
Utilize a study plan, a to-do list or whatever planning method works best for you! There are also a myriad of apps and digital tools that can assist you in studying and homework – check out popular apps like “iStudiez Pro,” “Wunderlist,” and “Tinycards.”

5. Review and practice
Utilize practice tests if they’re available, and if not, create your own practice questions or quizzes. Creating and studying flashcards is a popular and often helpful technique that students have used for decades. For a digital version, check out the app “Tinycards” mentioned previously.

6. Take breaks and stay healthy
It’s important to take breaks and not overload your mind. Every hour or two, take a break – whether you get a snack, walk around the neighborhood or meet up with a friend for a cup of coffee. Staying healthy is also vital when studying and preparing for exams – no one likes being sick and sniffling through a test. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep, exercising regularly and drinking lots of water.


Happy studying! Let us know in the comments below what studying techniques work best for you.


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