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6 Ways to Maximize your Space and Storage

Say goodbye to your storage woes! We’re bringing you 6 ways to maximize your storage and incorporate items that can make the most of the space you have in your home.

1. Multi-Purpose Furniture
When choosing your bed frame or media console, let these pieces double as extra storage. A TV stand can also be a bookcase or a place to put all of your movies, and look for a bed frame with shelving or drawers for blankets, shoes, books, etc.

2. Statement Pieces
If you’re limited on floor space or wall area, pick statement pieces that will stand out on their own. Choosing just a few wall hangings will make the space feel larger. With furniture, use only a couple of pieces that will fit and fill up the space. A room can look cluttered and jam-packed if you’re trying to fill the space with too many chairs or tables that are simply not large enough on their own.

3. Kitchen Storage
With limited countertop or cabinet space, you can turn your remaining kitchen items into decorations. For example, try using a modern-looking basket to hold your cookbooks or a decorate vase to keep your cooking utensils in. Keep your cabinets reserved for dishes and glasses, and make the most of the things you have to keep on your countertops.

4. Baskets
Baskets are also a solution to a storage issue in another part of the home; if you are needing places to keep your extra blankets, towels or kids toys, invest in some decorative baskets that will not only solve your storage crisis, but will look great.

5. Hooks
Whether you use them for towels in the bathroom or coats and backpacks by the front door, hooks can eliminate the need for another storage cabinet or table. This way, you’re saving that valuable floor space!

6. Mobile Storage
If you still find yourself lacking extra storage space, choose a mobile form of storage. Rolling carts, bookcases or filing cabinets will allow you to store what you need to, but also push it out of the way whenever you’d like.

Have your own space saving or storage tips? We’d love to hear them in the comments below.

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