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7 De-Cluttering Projects in 15 Minutes or Less

We know you’re busy, so we’re bringing you 7 de-cluttering projects that won’t take you more than 15 minutes at a time. Keep reading to see which project you could be tackling today!

  1. Food Storage Containers

Those Ziploc and Pyrex containers can get out of hand. Take a few minutes and organize the containers by size and stack them in one section of your cabinet and the lids in another section. Organizing them now will save you time, so you’re not scrambling to find a matching lid on your way out the door! We’ve all been there.

  1. Fridge Door Condiments

Mustard, ketchup, barbecue sauce, hot sauce, salad dressings – it’s time to take a look at the condiments in your refrigerator door and check expiration dates, clean up any sticky mess and throw out any expired or unwanted items.

  1. Spice Rack

Similar to your fridge condiments, it’s easy to keep expired and unwanted spices. Clear out your spice rack or cabinet, check dates, clean up any spilled debris and only put back the spices you use consistently.

  1. Sock Drawer

It’s time to go through all of your socks and take care of those that are missing their mates or have developed holes. Take out all of your socks and match up any pairs, while looking for holes and creating a pile of unmatched singular socks. If you cannot match up the mate-less socks with the socks in your drawer or in the laundry, it’s time to donate them. Throw away the socks with holes and only place the matched and pristine pairs back in the drawer.

  1. Shower Products

Take out all of your shower products. Throw away any empty bottles and only place back the products you truly use daily. If there are some products you tried but didn’t like, don’t keep them – you may be able to receive refunds or give the products to a friend who would enjoy them.

  1. Laundry Supplies

Check your laundry room for empty bottles of detergent or stain remover, empty out the lint trash can or container and wipe down the top of the machines and any countertops. If there are miscellaneous items you found in pockets while doing laundry, return them to where they belong. Of course if it’s cash, well, just keep it for yourself. They owe you, right?

  1. Entryway

The entryway can easily become the dumping ground for shoes, keys, mail, etc. Take a few minutes to organize the mail and recycle any junk mail, place the keys and any spare change in a dish and then return any coats, shoes or miscellaneous items to their rightful places.


Let us know in the comments below which quick de-cluttering projects you plan on completing this weekend.

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