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Sprucing Up Your Bathroom Decor

The bathroom – a necessary but otherwise unglamorous part of the house. Fortunately, we have a few suggestions on how you can transform your bathroom into an elegant and well-decorated room that you and your guests will love!

The Essentials

1. Towels
Choosing aesthetically appealing but also good quality towels can be tricky. Depending on whether you’re decorating the master bathroom or the guest bathroom, it might be best to invest in expensive, but great quality towels that will last years and years.
We love these: here and here

2. Rugs
Similar to towels, you can go the expensive or inexpensive route. When it comes to rugs that will only be used in the bathroom, we recommend going with a more affordable option because you will be washing them very frequently (because well, it’s the bathroom).
Check out these options: here, here and here

3. Shower Curtain (if applicable)
If the showers in your home do not have glass doors, you have the opportunity to choose a shower curtain that will really set the tone and décor style for the bathroom. For example, you may choose a curtain that leads you into a beach theme, classic and luxurious theme, floral theme, rustic theme, etc.
Wayfair.com has great options: here, here and here

4. Soap Dispenser
While it is much easier to simply use the plastic dispenser that the soap came in, you can add a touch of elegance to this necessary bathroom item. Choosing a soap dispenser that matches your desired décor theme can really add to the overall look of the room.


The Extras

1. Flowers/Vases
Now comes the fun part – adding some extra décor touches that can make a big difference. Placing a ceramic or glass vase with some artificial flowers (or real flowers if you don’t mind switching them regularly) adds a homey and inviting touch to the countertop of an otherwise plain bathroom.

2. Wall Décor
Depending on how much wall space you are working with, adding just a couple frames or mirrors can continue building upon the theme you have chosen for the room. A couple of small mirrors can make a small bathroom seem much larger. If space on the countertop and elsewhere is an issue, we recommend investing in a few wall shelves.
Check out these fun wall décor options from Etsy: here, here, here and here

3. Candles or Fragrance Diffuser
Using a candle or some type of fragrance in the bathroom is never a bad idea, for obvious reasons. Whether you choose a few candles, a wall plug-in or an electric diffuser, we do suggest adding some source of a fragrance.


We hope this was helpful and we can’t wait to hear in the comments how you plan on sprucing up your bathroom. Happy decorating!


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