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Essential Herbs to Plant in an Edible Garden

Wouldn’t it be great to skip the grocery store and simply head to your backyard for the herbs you use most frequently? Great news – it's the perfect time of year to turn your backyard into an edible garden by planting some of the most popular herbs described below! Basil Is it just us or… Continue reading Essential Herbs to Plant in an Edible Garden

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Back-to-School Checklist

This time of year can bring mixed emotions: adults are rejoicing while kids are groaning. It’s back-to-school time and we’re bringing you a checklist of all the essentials so that you can make sure your child is prepared for the new school year.   Elementary School __ Backpack __ Crayons __ Washable markers __ Glue… Continue reading Back-to-School Checklist

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6 Ways to Maximize your Space and Storage

Say goodbye to your storage woes! We’re bringing you 6 ways to maximize your storage and incorporate items that can make the most of the space you have in your home. 1. Multi-Purpose Furniture When choosing your bed frame or media console, let these pieces double as extra storage. A TV stand can also be… Continue reading 6 Ways to Maximize your Space and Storage

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Hurricane Recovery Update

Support Hurricane Relief Efforts by Donating to the American Red Cross. Progress Residential® will match your donations one-for-one to a maximum of $100,000. Please consider making a contribution today.  Progress Residential Update on Hurricanes Harvey and Irma The safety of our residents and associates remains the top priority for Progress Residential (“Progress” or the “Company”).… Continue reading Hurricane Recovery Update

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7 De-Cluttering Projects in 15 Minutes or Less

We know you’re busy, so we’re bringing you 7 de-cluttering projects that won’t take you more than 15 minutes at a time. Keep reading to see which project you could be tackling today! Food Storage Containers Those Ziploc and Pyrex containers can get out of hand. Take a few minutes and organize the containers by… Continue reading 7 De-Cluttering Projects in 15 Minutes or Less

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Healthy Snack Ideas and Recipes

With children going back to school and summer vacations coming to an end, it’s the perfect time to get back on track with healthy eating. We are bringing you a few recipes as well as some no-prep healthy snack ideas! No-Prep Snacks Almonds with dried cherries or blueberries Sliced cucumbers Apple slices and almond butter… Continue reading Healthy Snack Ideas and Recipes

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Transform Your Bonus Room

A bonus room is a beautiful thing: extra space to use however you see fit. It can be the perfect place to entertain friends and family, or you could turn it into a functional area for yourself or your children. We’re bringing you several ideas about how you can transform your bonus room into a… Continue reading Transform Your Bonus Room