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How to Incorporate Nautical Home Decor

No beach house? No problem! These coastal design ideas bring the beach to you this summer and turn your home into a nautical oasis. The best part is you don’t have to deal with the sandy cleanup.

Take the Beach Home
If you’re heading to a beach this summer, gather up seashells or sand to add to a glass vases or a table centerpiece. Don’t forget to check out our list of beach essentials before you go!

Colors of the Sea
Opt for a design color scheme containing navy, turquoise, white and yellow. In addition to being beautiful, these colors are known to have calming effects.

Nautical Stripes
From stripes and anchors, to sea horses and crabs, select pillows, artwork and general décor with these items to play up the theme. Try these striped pillows and these festive lamps.

Rustic Wood
If you can’t find driftwood to bring home with you from the beach, Pier 1 Imports or Target will come to your rescue! Rustic wood elements can be just the thing to complete your summer décor makeover. Check out this driftwood mirror from Target and this adorable wood anchor from Pier 1.

Rope Mirrors
There’s nothing like a well-placed round captain’s mirror with rope detailing to incorporate the theme of the sea. World Market has an option and Anthropologie has a great option also.

Missing that salty air and smell of the beach? Sprinkle candles around your home that offer the wonderful smells of the beach, without the frizzy hair and sunburn. We like this candle from Target and this one from Bath and Body Works.
We hope you have a wonderful rest of the summer! Let us know in the comments below how you plan on incorporating summer décor elements into your home.

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