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Decorating the Ultimate Guest Bedroom

Whether your guests are staying for one night or a few weeks, it’s easy to make them feel like they’re staying in a luxury hotel. Here are a few easy to re-create tips that will make them want to extend their stay.

From white linens to side tables and small reading lamps, you can outfit your guest bedroom with hotel-inspired items. Something about white sheets and down comforters say “hotel,” and including a bed-side table and reading lamp are homey touches that your guests will appreciate. You could even hang some welcoming canvases or artwork like this lovely “Stay Awhile” print or this “Be Our Guest” sign.

There’s nothing like small lotion, shampoo and product samples to make it feel like you’re in a hotel! Find a large glass jar to place some travel-size Clinique, Origins or similar products in. You can either place this in the guest bathroom or in the bedroom itself. Your guests will love it!

Wi-Fi Password
You know your guests would love to have the password to your Wi-Fi network. However, it can be awkward for them to ask for it and difficult for you to try to find the long and complicated code that it is. Make it easier on them (and you) by printing it out and placing it in a cute little frame in the guest bedroom.

Reading Material
Once you’ve finished the latest issue of Sunset Magazine, Time Magazine, or whatever is your favorite, you can place it in a wicker basket next to the guest bed. Your guests will appreciate the option to read a little before bed if they wish!

We all have phones and devices that need to be charged – why not make it easy for your guests to do so? Grab a few extra iPhone, Android or just USB charging cords and place them in the guest bedroom. If the outlets are hard to access, you may want to also utilize an extension cord or power strip.

Implement even a few of these tips and your guests will feel like they are getting the V.I.P. treatment!

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