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6 Ways to Transform and Personalize your Cubicle

The place that you spend 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week: your beloved (or not-so-beloved) cubicle. The good news is there are easy and cost-effective ways to totally transform your cubicle to a bright, fun and even motivating space. Shouldn’t the place that you spend most of each day be somewhere that inspires you? We think yes.

1. Wall art
Whether it be inspirational quotes, pictures of your favorite people and animals, or a fun clock, covering up those bland cubicle walls makes a big difference. You can use a colorful fabric, wrapping paper or wallpaper to create a backdrop for your chosen frames and décor.

2. Little Details
If you have a thing for fringe, some fun tassels on the walls will give your space a fun party vibe. Small accents like a personalized mouse pad, or a rose gold tape dispenser and desk organizer will offer a little bit of glam to your work day. If you’re a caffeine fiend, upgrade to a sweet mug to drink your free office coffee or tea.

3. Desktop/Screensaver
Search for a phrase or image that motivates you and will keep you determined to meet your deadlines and goals each time you glance at it.

4. Plants
A small succulent, orchid or a super low maintenance air plant will give your cubicle a little life and color.

5. Lamp/Lights
Don’t rely on those unflattering fluorescents. Adding a trendy lamp or some twinkle lights to your cubicle will not only provide some additional working light, but will also foster a cozier feel.

6. Chair
If your workplace will allow it, opt for an alternative desk chair. Whether you go for an affordable Ikea chair or take it to the next level with a Pottery Barn splurge, you can dress up your chair with a patterned pillow and a decorative blanket.


Trust us, you won’t regret adding a little personalization to your otherwise boring cubicle! Happy decorating!


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