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7 Creative Tips and Hacks for Gardeners

Whether you were born with a “green thumb” or you struggle to keep a plant alive for more than a week, there are a myriad of gardening tips and tricks that can make all the difference! A beautiful garden can truly transform a backyard landscape, and depending on the type of garden, you may yield some fruit or vegetables too. Check out the clever gardening tips below that can not only enhance the look of your plants, but also make maintaining them easier.

  1. Easy Lifting
    Make your plants easier to move by filling the bottom of your pots with foam peanuts! Using packing peanuts will allow for better drainage and your back will certainly thank you. Add a layer of landscape fabric on top of the peanuts before you add the soil so that the soil doesn’t sink to the bottom over time.
  1. Boost of Calcium
    Grind up empty eggshells in a blender and sprinkle them in your garden to provide your plants with a calcium boost! The plants can more easily absorb the calcium of shells if they’re blended. Whether you believe in the power of composting or not, this hack can make a big difference in your garden.
  1. Creative Solution for Lack of Space
    If you’re lacking the space to create a spanning garden, a cost effective and space-saving solution is to use a Rubbermaid storage container. These containers are lightweight, easy to move, an ideal size for a starter garden, and easy to drill drainage holes in. Use tip #1 to make the container even easier to carry and transport!
  1. Diapers Aren’t Just for Babies
    You can help your potted plants retain their moisture by placing a diaper (a clean one, of course) at the bottom of the pot before you add the soil. This way, whenever you water the plant, the diaper will hold onto that water and keep the soil moist for longer.
  1. Salty Solution
    Epsom salt is high in magnesium and sulfate, which plants need in order to thrive. For potted plants, simply mix few tablespoons of the salt into your watering can once or twice a month, and if you have a garden, sprinkle it directly into the soil and it will help the seeds germinate better.
  1. Strong Start for Seedlings
    For a smooth and easy transition, utilize a hollowed citrus peel to plant your seedlings. Not only does it look cute, but the peel will also begin composting into the soil and nourish the plant. The best part is that you can just plant the entire peel and plant into a larger pot or garden once it’s ready. Add a cut plastic soda bottle on top for a DIY mini greenhouse!
  1. Get Rid of Pesky Weeds
    Weeds in your garden and yard are often inevitable. An easy DIY solution for weed killer is 1 gallon of white vinegar, 1 cup of table salt, and 1 tablespoon of liquid Dawn dish soap. Combine all three ingredients, place in a spray bottle and tackle those stubborn weeds! This solution can be harmful to grass, so be careful and use it in mainly landscape borders, sidewalk cracks and other areas where grass, flowers and plants won’t be harmed.


Happy Gardening! Share your own gardening tips and hacks in the comments below.

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