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Summer Safety Tips

With all the fun and excitement of summer vacations, it’s easy to forget basic practices that will keep your family safe and healthy. Follow these tips to ensure your summer is problem-free and filled with fun, sunshine and relaxation! Traveling If you plan on traveling over the summer, be sure to prepare your home before… Continue reading Summer Safety Tips

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6 Ways to Transform and Personalize your Cubicle

The place that you spend 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week: your beloved (or not-so-beloved) cubicle. The good news is there are easy and cost-effective ways to totally transform your cubicle to a bright, fun and even motivating space. Shouldn’t the place that you spend most of each day be somewhere that inspires… Continue reading 6 Ways to Transform and Personalize your Cubicle

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Top 8 Thrilling Amusement Parks

Attention, thrill seekers! Summer is the best time to get your scream on as you travel to the highest rated amusement parks nationwide. If you think the more loops the better, or would prefer to not be upside down while traveling at fast speeds, these popular parks have something for everyone. Whether you visit one… Continue reading Top 8 Thrilling Amusement Parks


The Best Buffets and Shows in Vegas

Two of the biggest draws to “Sin City” are the incredible shows and buffets. That's why we’ve tracked down the highest rated places you'll want to visit on your next trip to Las Vegas! Must-See Shows: The Reve at Wynn It’s no wonder why this show is called “the dream” – it’s magical! From the… Continue reading The Best Buffets and Shows in Vegas

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Beach Day Essentials

One of the best things about summer? Beach days, of course! Make the most of your time at the beach by bringing all the essentials. Umbrella Stake your claim on the beach with a large umbrella to provide some shade. Here’s a great option from Target. Towel Make a statement with a bold towel –… Continue reading Beach Day Essentials


Road Trip to Florida

The Sunshine State is full of white sandy beaches, exhilarating outdoor adventures and lively cities. If you’re planning a trip to Florida, we suggest seeing the sights by way of car so that you can see all of the distinct cities and areas that this beautiful state has to offer. From touring the Everglades and… Continue reading Road Trip to Florida

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7 Creative Tips and Hacks for Gardeners

Whether you were born with a “green thumb” or you struggle to keep a plant alive for more than a week, there are a myriad of gardening tips and tricks that can make all the difference! A beautiful garden can truly transform a backyard landscape, and depending on the type of garden, you may yield… Continue reading 7 Creative Tips and Hacks for Gardeners