Fashion Trends For Summer

The season of sun dresses and sandals is upon us! From khakis coming back into style to the new obsession with open shoulders, we’ve compiled the must-have trendy items for this summer. So grab a cup of coffee and get ready to do some serious online shopping!

Nautical stripes
Horizontal, nautical-inspired stripes are in and the good news is that stripes look great on everyone!

Whether it be khaki pants, shorts or skirts, the verdict is in and khakis have risen from their 1990s grave.

Sneakers/tennis shoes
If you haven’t noticed, Adidas All Stars and the like have also risen from the grave! Whether you go the Converse or Adidas type of route or choose to go more designer ($975 Valentino sneakers, anyone?), make sure to get your hands on some sneakers for every occasion.

Gladiator sandals
After a couple years of being in style, gladiator sandals are still going strong and make our list for must-haves for summer.

Bare Shoulders
It’s all about the shoulders this summer! Nordstrom has amazing options if you’re looking for off the shoulder, one shoulder, cold shoulder or all of the above.

Vintage jeans
The higher the waist and the more distressed, the better!

Statement t-shirts
This season, you’ll see a cornucopia of graphic statement t-shirts. From a simple “good vibes” to “stoked” or “I need more space,” these shirts are hot, hot, hot for summer.


What is your favorite wardrobe staple for summer? Leave a comment below!

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