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Unclutter and Reclaim Your Dining Room

The dining room should be where you gather with friends and family and make memories over a delicious meal. While it is intended to don a beautiful tablecloth, a centerpiece and thoughtfully placed table settings, it could be that your table is currently the dumping ground for everything but actual dining essentials. If you wish to make a change, follow our tips below and reclaim your dining room!

1. Gain Inspiration
Envision what you want your dining room to look like. Scour Pinterest, HGTV or Houzz to find some photos that you’d like to base your design on. Do you want this room to be a more formal gathering place or an area for everyday eating?

2. Purge and De-clutter
Now that you have a goal of what you want your room to look like, we suggest going through all of the items in the room and discarding or relocating anything that does not fit with your new dining room vision. It may be hard to part with some things, but if you remain focused on what your new dining room could be, we believe you’ll be able to determine what you truly need and what you should let go of.

3. Relocate Unrelated items
If the table is where you are currently storing mail and bills, it’s time to move these items into a storage basket or an organizing shelf like this or this. It is possible that your children are currently using the table for homework or craft projects. Find a new place for them to complete these activities if you would prefer for the dining room to be reserved for meals only.
Magazines, jackets and backpacks might also be currently cluttering your dining room. Go through the magazines, clip out anything you want to keep and discard any old issues. Relocate any jackets, backpacks and sports gear to an entryway, closet or garage to keep your dining room clear of these items. We love something like this for an entryway.

4. Go Shopping
Now it’s time for the most fun part – shopping! If you are need of new place settings, flatware, centerpieces or anything else to complete your fabulous new dining room, we suggest taking your inspiration images from step 1 and hitting the stores (or the internet). We’re big fans of World Market for dining table essentials.

5. Protect your new Dining Room
In between meals, be sure to keep the table made. An empty dining room table is an invitation for clutter to accumulate. If you keep a centerpiece, placemats and beautiful plates and flatware on the table all the time, your family members will be less likely to place their miscellaneous belongings there.

Share in the comments below how you plan on transforming your dining room!

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