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5 DIY Home Decor Projects

Looking for a few affordable and practical do-it-yourself projects for a Saturday afternoon? We’ve got you covered. These five projects are easy-to-follow, cost-effective and will turn your home into rustic, trendy perfection in no time!

basket side table

Basket Side Table
A yard sale find into a practical and visually appealing piece of furniture? Yes, please! The best part? This craft requires no power tools and will only take a few minutes to assemble.

Check out this project here.


Hexagon Shelf
This project turns popsicle sticks into stunning wall art that also doubles as a shelf. And once you’ve conquered the hexagon shape, you can take it to the next level and create a variety of differently shaped shelves using the same technique!

So gather up some popsicle sticks and get to work with these instructions.


Mason Jar Organizer
Mason jars are the starting point of many Pinterest projects and this DIY is no different. Gather a couple mason jars and you’re halfway there in this easy-to-follow tutorial. This is perfect for keeping toiletries organized or creating your own herb garden for the kitchen!

You can find the tutorial here.

blanket ladder

Blanket Ladder
If you’re trying to resist buying the $250 blanket ladder you saw at Pottery Barn, you’re in luck! This DIY Blanket Ladder only requires a handful of supplies and costs less than $5 for the lumber. It’s a dream come true.

Here’s the how-to!


DIY Crate Bookshelf
This is one of those projects that could save you hundreds of dollars! This DIY bookshelf is made up of 8 wood crates and is the perfect solution for organizing your books, movies, children’s toys, etc.

Create your own by following the tutorial here.

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