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Now Accepting Cash Rent Payments

Looking for another easy way to pay your monthly rent? Let us introduce you to the WIPS program.

We now accept cash rent payments through WIPS™ (Walk-in Payment System) at participating locations near you! We at Progress Residential® are always striving to make things like paying rent easier and more convenient for our residents. Below is everything you need to know about this new payment option.

Need to Know Facts:

  • You can now pay cash at more than 18,000 participating WIPS agent locations
  • Request a WIPS™ card from your Resident Relations Specialist, Collection Specialist or any of the team members at your local Progress Residential® office
  • You must present your card as well as the exact cash payment for the full rent amount
  • Many locations are open 24/7
  • Keep your receipts to have proof of payment

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is WIPS?
The WIPS™ program enables residents to make their rent payments in cash at over 18,000 agent locations. WIPS allows residents to pay their rent in cash any time that an agent location is open.

How does it work?
Once enrolled, the resident presents his or her WIPS™ card and cash payment to an agent and tells the agent that they are making a payment to WIPS. The agent then tells the resident the amount of the service charge, which is normally $3. After paying their rent and service charge, the resident receives a receipt that serves as a proof of payment.

How do I enroll in the WIPS program?
Contact your property management team to request your WIPS™ card. Each resident who is responsible for payment will be issued a WIPS card containing a unique identification number. Cards must be presented during each transaction to ensure a secure payment to the correct account.

Where are the WIPS agent locations?
There are over 18,000 locations. To find the location closest to you, go to, select “WIPS Rent Payments” as the Biller, and enter your home zip code and search radius.

Are there any additional costs for using my WIPS™ card?
There is a small transaction fee, usually $3, each time you make a payment using your WIPS™ card – which is more affordable than the fee for a cashier’s check or money order! Contact the participating agent location for specific details.

What if my WIPS™ card is lost, stolen or damaged?
Lost, stolen, or damaged cards will be replaced through your local Progress® team. Replacement fees may be applicable but consult your local office for additional details. As a reminder, WIPS™ cards do not contain personal information and can only be used to pay your full and exact rent amount.

When do payments post to my bank account?
Payments will be credited within 24 hours of your payment at a participating agent location. Check with your local Progress Residential® office for additional information regarding payment timing and late fees.

Please contact your Resident Relations Specialist with any additional questions!

16 thoughts on “Now Accepting Cash Rent Payments”

  1. Please someone respond with a WIPS code, so my June rent would be late. My name is Regina Basilio, Address 1111 fogg st. Las Vegas, NV. 89142. Home phone 702 -459-1822….cell # 702 -713-4650. I am not willing to pay late fee just because you have an employee who doesn’t care about your tenants. Please help!!!


    1. Hi, Regina. We’re so sorry to hear this and would like to help. A member of our team will be in touch shortly.


  2. I also have been requesting a card and code. I spoke to lady at Houston Texas office and still haven’t received it yet. I also emailed her and no response. Can someone please send me the card and code. Ken Harrison 710 Hidden Ridge West Houston tx 77073. Thank you kindly.


  3. I need me a wips code as well I live in Las Vegas and every time I try to call the office I’m on hold forever . Please have someone call me at 3235014920 Shelly Maldonado address 3328 brayton mist dr north Las Vegas


  4. I also requested the card so I can be able to pay rent for July. Last month I paid in the office on 6/2 and my rent was not posted until 6/4 which now I am being charge a late fee which is wrong. I have called and I was told that somebody will contact me but nothing yet. I have sent an email but no response at all. Please I need some help. Thanks


  5. I Acquanetta jackson have been trying to pay my july payment. Have a card but has inactive account number to usr it. I dont have portal information never had, they would never srnd me the right info
    Please contact me 817)821-9900


  6. Just got a call an hour ago so went to pay a $10 utility charge by wips card in Tampa Walmart and getting an error message on the receiving end. Tried to pay more, still error, I don’t want an error on your end to be reported as a Negative on my credit report. Please help C Taylor-T. Kerina
    Valrico Fl


    1. Hello, We do apologize for this but are pleased to share that we do not report negative credit to Experian. In order to pay with WIPS you must know the exact balance due on your account.


  7. Is Valley Ridge still taking WIPS payments I have a card that I was sent over a year and a half ago, but I don’t know if they still receive payments with this card.


    1. Hi, Nancy! Yes, we still accept WIPS payments in all areas. If you need assistance getting a new card, please give us a call at 833.PRG.RESS or 833.774.7377.


    1. Hi Richard. Great! Please contact your local leasing team and they would be happy to assist you in receiving a WIPS card. Thank you for being a part of the Progress family!


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