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Easy Tax Return Home Improvements

While we all dread it, tax season can have one advantage: a potentially generous tax return to be used on whatever you wish. Even with just a couple hundred dollars, a few changes and updates in your home can make a big difference!

Whatever the amount is, there are easy and quick home improvements that will make good use of that tax return.

Under $200
Bring your home to life with some indoor plants! Not only have plants been proven to increase your productivity, but they will also provide great color and fresh air to your home. Whether it is a few floor plants, hanging plants, or some fresh herbs in the kitchen, grab a few from your local home improvement store. You’ll be glad you did!

Even grabbing a few new throw pillows can really change the way a room looks and feels! Imagine relaxing on the couch with a few new floral print bright seasonal pillows while unwinding from a long day. We love these options from World Market!

$300 – $400
Buying a few new frames, canvas art prints, or wall décor can also be an inexpensive but welcomed change in your living spaces! Picture the difference a big and bright canvas would make in your living room, or a wooden calligraphy sign in your master bedroom. It can be an easy but very effective update! Just be sure to remove any nails and patch any holes left behind. Using Command hooks like this make picture hanging a breeze and won’t damage the walls of your home!

Rugs have an ability to bring together a room and make it feel more complete. Rugs can range from fairly inexpensive all the way to the equivalent of two months of rent (ouch). But with a $500 return, you can certainly find yourself one or two reasonably priced rugs at your local Target, Home Goods, World Market, or other affordable home stores.

Changing your curtains and window dressings can also have a similar effect! Curtains add in some much needed texture to a living room or bedroom. Check out these affordable rug and curtain options from World Market as well.

Buying a new bed can be one of those things that you really need to do but keep putting off due to the cost. Well if you received a nice $1000 deposit, it is enough to invest in a high quality and comfortable bed, and maybe even some new sheets to go along with it. Your neck and back will thank you!

Over $2000
With this generous return amount, you could really transform your home with some new furniture! Whether you are in need of indoor or outdoor, $2000 could certainly afford you a new sectional or a new patio furniture set. Wayfair has some great outdoor patio furniture!

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of this extra chunk of change and invest it in improving your home sweet home!

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