Top 13 Travel Apps

Summer is almost here which means, it’s time to do some traveling! If you’re looking to get the most out of your travel budget this summer, it’s the perfect time to start planning your trip. Whether you stay in your Progress home and explore your city, or embark on an extravagant international journey, these apps will help you find the best hotels, flights, restaurants, and activities for your next adventure.

Leaving on a Jet Plane
Hopper: If you’re looking for amazing deals on flights, Hopper analyzes billions of flight prices and provides you with the best time to purchase your tickets. When you choose your destination and intended departure date, the app will let you know whether it would be best to get your tickets right away or if you should wait. It’s a total game changer!

TripIt: This app creates a master itinerary for you so that you can see all of your travel reservations in one place! You’ll forward all your confirmation emails (flight, hotel, car rental, etc.) to them and you’ll receive back a summarized itinerary that you can access anytime from any device – even offline. It’s an organized traveler’s dream!

Scott’s Cheap Flights: A membership-based website where you can “follow” airports close to you and receive crazy deals on last-minute flights (including international) via email. For just $39/year, you can upgrade to a premium membership and get notified of up to 5x more flight deals, including “mistake fares” and “rare deals.” It’s not uncommon to see a $300 roundtrip ticket to Rome or $192 roundtrip to Argentina. We’re not joking! 

Resting your head
AirBnB: The very popular, easy-to-use and, in most cases, more affordable alternative to staying in hotels! Whether you would rather rent a single room for a low rate, or choose to reserve an entire house, it’s a great way to get more of a taste of the local lifestyle in that destination as you meet and stay with a host.

TripHappy: This app allows you to see millions of user reviews about the best places and neighborhoods to stay in within a selected city. It’s a great way to ensure you won’t be booking a seemingly safe hotel online only to find out that it’s actually in the most dangerous and crime-filled area of the city – oops!

Hotel Tonight: If you’re a fan of spontaneous travel planning, this is the hotel app for you. Take advantage of insane, last-minute hotel deals with this straight-forward website and mobile app. Simply type in your city and the date you’d like to stay there (day-of reservations will often yield the best prices).

Grabbing a bite
Yelp: This app may seem like a no-brainer to some, but Yelp continues to rank as one of the best apps out there. You’ll be able to see thousands of reviews, menus, and pictures of the highest rated restaurants (as determined by other Yelp users) in your intended destination. You won’t regret doing a little research when you find that diamond in the rough or new and trendy restaurant!

Tasteful: If you’re trying to stay on track with healthy eating while on vacation, Tasteful is for you! You’ll be able to search restaurants and menus by selecting your dietary preference: vegetarian, vegan, paleo, low-carb, or gluten free. It’s a perfect solution for those with dietary restrictions or the determination to not break their healthy eating streak.

AtYourGateNo more traversing the entire airport for the type of food you want. The equivalent of Postmates or UberEats for the airport, the AtYourGate app allows you to browse food options in your terminal and other terminals, and order food to be delivered to your gate. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

Getting around
Sidekix: If you’re one that likes to stop and smell the roses on your way to a destination, Sidekix is the travel app for you. It will provide the “best” way to get somewhere, but we’re not talking about the shortest route necessarily. You’ll receive recommendations like checking out a trendy coffee shop on the way to the theater, or a local’s favorite bar that is just down the road from the concert that you’re heading to.

Citymapper: You may be inclined to stop using Google Maps when you hear about Citymapper – and before you disagree, hear us out. This app provides more details about your journey than Google and it not only includes expected route times and possible delays, but it also integrates with Uber to show available nearby drivers. See? It’s pretty impressive.

Staying busy
GoogleTripsIs there anything that Google hasn’t thought of? This app does everything from keeping your travel info all in one place (by automatically searching your email for all travel-related emails), to planning each day’s activities for you or simply giving you suggestions to build into your existing itinerary. To be honest, it’s a little scary how amazing this app is – but in a good way. Plus, it’s Google so getting directions to all of these places is already built into the app. Think of it as your personal travel agent and assistant – keeping you organized while also finding fun activities to fill your time. 

Mapify: Think of Mapify as Instagram meets Pinterest for travel gurus. You’ll join a community where you can search any area of the world and see breathtaking pictures (think Instagram travel bloggers) and honest reviews of activities and aspects of the city/location. You can bookmark places (again, think Pinterest) so you can create your own travel bucket list. You can also use their itinerary builder to plan your next trip – simply input your desired destination and duration of trip. One of the other popular features of the app is the Scratch map, where you can mark on a map of the world all the places you’ve been. 

Traveling has never been so easy with the addition of these apps! We hope that you now feel more equipped to leave it all behind for some much-needed R&R – even if it’s just for a few days. Bon Voyage!

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