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The Frugal Parent’s Guide to Parenthood

Expecting? Congratulations! Preparing for a baby can seem overwhelming and expensive, but we have put together a list of tips and ‘must haves’ that won’t break the bank!

Regardless of your due date, purchase a package of diapers or wipes each time you make a run to the store. That way, you will have a nice supply once the baby arrives. You can even ask friends and family members to clip coupons for you to use to save money. Store-brand diapers and wipes are usually just as good as the name brand but cost significantly less.

Baby Gear
With all of the options of bouncers, swings, play pens, and bassinets, it can be hard to decide which items you really need. Rest assured, you do not need to purchase every single baby gear item out there. Here are the essentials you may want to have:

Swing or Bouncer?
You probably don’t need both but having at least one of these items helps to calm the baby and provides a safe place to be while busy mom and dad are washing bottles and folding all the baskets of baby laundry!

If you opt for a swing, choose one that can swing in multiple directions, either front to back or side to side. Some babies prefer a specific direction so it is helpful to have a swing that can adjust to what your baby likes. Another great feature to look for – a swing that can be plugged into an electrical outlet or run on just batteries.

A bouncer is a more economical option than the swing and is an excellent way to soothe a baby with gentle vibrations.

Portable Crib
A portable crib is excellent when traveling because it provides a safe place for the child to sleep. Instead of purchasing a bassinet that a baby quickly outgrows you can set the portable crib up right next to your own bed until you are ready to transition your baby to his own crib. Try to select one that is large enough to use until your child is a toddler.

Infant Carrier& Stroller
Most hospitals require you to have an infant carrier before you will be able to leave. There are many options out there that won’t break the bank. We love this stroller/car seat combo.

Onsies and sleepers are great to have on hand. There are many different colors and prints but if you are keeping the gender a surprise or plan to have more children, white or neutral colors are a great option to help you save money by not having re-purchase them later.

Specially formulated laundry soap designed just for babies is great but they are usually very expensive. Luckily, many laundry brands create a ‘Free & Clear’ version which is safe for your child’s skin because they contain no fragrance and are hypoallergenic.

What are your parenting hacks for saving money? Share them in the comments.

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