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Things to Consider: Rent vs. Buy

We know what you’re thinking… buying is a better investment than renting, but is it really?
Lifestyle, commitment, budget, and convenience all need to be evaluated and considered before making the big decision of being a home owner.  The truth is that in some cases renting is the better investment.  There are a few things you should consider before signing on the dotted line.

  1. A constantly changing schedule
    If you travel for work or are constantly relocating due to your profession, renting is the obvious choice.  Renting will allow more flexible time lines for commitment to an area. Some renting options will even allow you to rent month to month. Leasing can also allow you to save money.  With the savings you obtain from a lower monthly rate, take advantage and invest the money how you see fit.
  1. Costly updates
    As a homeowner you might find yourself dumping money into an endless pit of remodeling projects and updates for your home. Save your money and invest, travel or throw it into your retirement! Remodeling projects can be time consuming and expensive.
  1. Heavy maintenance costs
    Are you really willing to take on the monthly and annual upkeep cost that comes with owning your own home?  The fact is that appliances break and HVAC is a constant upkeep cost. Here at Progress Residential®, we take care of the big stuff while you take care of the little stuff.
  1. A great neighborhood
    One of the biggest areas of concern when finding your new home is the neighborhood. We all want to live in a safe, friendly neighborhood, but we also know that living in certain areas may come with a higher overall cost to purchase. Instead of committing to a mortgage in that expensive neighborhood, look into a lease that has a much lower bottom line cost!

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